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Main reasons why visas in Seychelles get denied

Because Seychelles signed a global unilateral visa waiver, the nation is visa-free. As a consequence, all visitors from outside are permitted entry without a visa. A Seychelles visa is not needed of them. However, tourists need to have a visitor’s permit. A Seychelles visitors permit or visa upon arrival is provided without payment and is valid for a maximum of three months, as stated in the Seychelles Visa Policy. Later on, however, the length of the stay may be increased in increments of three months up to one year, provided that the conditions, terms, and other papers are correctly implemented.

The conditions for obtaining a Seychelles visa permit

The following documents are required by the Seychelles Visa Policy: 

  • A passport that is valid till the date of departure.
  • A legitimate passport with two blank pages or more.
  • Visitors must possess a valid onward or return ticket that has been lawfully issued.
  • Children must travel with their own identity and passport.
  • For accommodations, travelers must have a confirmed reservation with contact information.
  • Travelers should have enough money to cover their stay in full.
  • While the amount might vary, it is still recommended that you carry around $150 each day.
  • Cash, travel vouchers, and credit cards are all acceptable forms of financial carry.

Visitors will be given a Visitors Permit when they enter Seychelles after the aforementioned papers have been shown and approved by the authorities. No application or request has to be made in advance for this. The flight crew distributes an immigration form just before arrival in Seychelles. At the moment of entrance, visitors should fill it out and submit it.

Exchange of visa waivers

By its visa policy, the country has negotiated mutual visa exemption agreements with several nations in addition to the unilateral visa waiver arrangement. The list of nations and the maximum stay time allowed under the agreement is shown below:


Brazilian nationals are permitted up to 90 days of stay in Seychelles every 180 days.


Seychelles allows visitors from Cambodia to remain for up to 14 days.


Chinese nationals are permitted a 30-day stay in Seychelles.


For up to 30 days, Seychelles does not require a visa for holders of Macau SAR passports or travel cards.

European Union

Any citizen of a country that is a contractual party to the agreement between the European Union and Seychelles is qualified to remain in the country without a visa for a maximum of three months within six months starting on the date of initial admission.


Seychelles allows Russian nationals a 30-day stay.

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates nationals are permitted to remain in Seychelles for up to 90 days.


The nationals of Yugoslavia are excluded from visa requirements under a visa exemption agreement with Yugoslavia from February 1987, which is currently being implemented.


Kosovo passport holders are denied entry and transit.

Travelers to Seychelles must be immunized

The following vaccines are recommended for the country by World Health Organization: typhoid, yellow fever, rabies, meningitis, polio, measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR), tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (Tdap), chickenpox, shingles, pneumonia, and influenza. A shot of some of these vaccines is valid for two years. For a foreign traveler leaving or passing through a nation where there is a danger of yellow fever transmission, a yellow fever vaccination certificate is often needed. It is crucial to receive the vaccine before traveling to the country since a yellow fever certificate only lasts for 10 days after the immunization is given. If you arrive in Seychelles after the allotted 10-day, you risk being denied entrance.

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