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Main reasons why visas in Indonesia get denied

Many papers must be submitted to the Embassy or Consulate for them to complete your application for an Indonesian visa. The conditions for obtaining an Indonesian visa vary based on the sort of visa you want, how you are applying, and even the nation you are from.

Reasons for visa denial for Indonesia

Indonesia has the following main grounds for rejecting a visa application:

Expired passport

When you apply for a visa, you must bring your passport to the Indonesian Embassy or Consulate. Visas are immediately denied if a passport is invalid. The passport must contain at least one blank visa page and be good for at least another six months after the application date. Additionally, the passport has to be in excellent shape.

Incorrect visa type

Most of the time, many individuals just apply for visas without doing a thorough investigation. Check your eligibility and the conditions for the Indonesian visa you are applying for since they may change depending on the kind. Do not assume or infer that you are eligible to apply for a certain visa. Your visa would be rejected if you ultimately didn’t fulfill the requirements for the particular kind of visa.

Presenting facts and documents that are incomplete or inaccurate

You must exercise extreme caution to avoid submitting false or inaccurate documentation since doing so increases the likelihood that your visa will be rejected. Unverified or incorrect information may result in the refusal of a visa or unnecessary processing. Therefore, take care to avoid letting a little error cause your visa to be denied.

Not having the required picture for an Indonesian visa

Indonesia has precise specifications for the visa picture, and if they are not satisfied, the visa would be rejected. The photographs must have a white or red backdrop and be 3 cm × 4 cm or 4 cm x 6 cm in size, depending on the Embassy or Consulate. Except for religious reasons, no headgear is permitted. The face must even then be visible. You must be looking straight ahead and maintain a neutral face. If you use prescription glasses, they shouldn’t be excessively wide, have thick rims, or be glaringly reflective. Instead of using a stapler or scotch tape, the photo must be adhered to the appropriate location on the Indonesia visa application form using an adhesive or paper glue.

No evidence of travel plans

The presentation of documentation of travel preparations, such as a flight schedule, is another need for Indonesian visas. You must provide an itinerary or electronic ticket reservation with your complete name and dates of arrival and departure from Indonesia. If you cannot provide evidence of your trip plans, the visa application will be rejected.

No evidence of lodging in Indonesia

Make sure you have a place to stay before you go to Indonesia. When applying for an Indonesian visa, you must provide evidence of your lodging. This can take the form of a hotel reservation, a letter of invitation from your host if you plan to stay with friends, family, or other close relatives, confirmation from a tour operator or travel agency, or a rental agreement or contract. A visa is denied if this documentation is not provided.

No evidence of having enough money

You must be able to demonstrate your financial ability to support yourself while you are in Indonesia when applying for a visa. If there is no evidence of adequate financial resources, the visa is immediately rejected. Bank statements with transactions from the previous three months that are formally provided by your bank may be used as evidence of adequate money. For a one-month stay, you would require roughly $2,000.

No cover letter

For those going to Indonesia for business, a cover letter is necessary. This cover letter has to come from the business, group, or establishment where they are employed. The letter must be typed on business letterhead and contain the organization’s complete address, phone number, and the number of days and entries for which the applicant requires the visa. A visa will be denied if this criterion is not met.

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