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Las Vegas: destinations for visit

And Sierra Nevada – in the same Spanish means the Snow Mountains located in this state. So we got a marvelous combination: “floodplain meadows” in a “snowy” area.

In reality, Las Vegas is much more than nightlife, lights, hotels, and casinos. There are many unusual museums in this city, and the daytime life can be as intense as the nightlife. And, it turns out, apart from tourists, ordinary people live here, most of whom are passionate patriots of their hometown.


Top 5 tourist attractions in Las Vegas

Boulevard Strip

Las Vegas casinos are at every turn, but most of them are on its main artery – the famous Strip. Here are the largest complexes, each of which is something independent, fantasy-fanciful, something that you can explore for days and not want to leave for a minute. 

To withstand the competition, you have to be sophisticated and use a whole set of bait to survive. One of these lures is romantic and catchy names. Who doesn’t want to live at least a week on the fabulous “Treasure Island” or at the “Four Queens”?

It is hardly possible to walk utterly along this 7-km section. But even a short promenade anywhere in the Strip turns into a fascinating journey along an avenue drowning in multi-colored lights, where every building is a massive hit, every sculpture exudes powerful magnetism, and every fountain is cool and sparkling. 

Bellagio complex

It is a majestic place “a city within a city” containing a sea of ​​assorted rooms for every taste and budget. And almost the same number of restaurants, nightclubs, bars, and casinos. Besides, it has its art gallery, theaters, swimming pools, greenhouses, and even a Botanical Garden, where many plants are looked after by as many as 140 gardeners.

They are ready at any time to answer countless questions from visitors, and there is something to ask about: after all, themed plantings are often arranged in the garden, which turns into bright flower shows.

But the main attraction of Bellagio is its fabulous “dancing fountains” stretching in front of the main facade of the complex and making a truly unforgettable impression. Working continuously, they amaze even during the day, and at night they are a real fireworks display, combining the fusion of sparkling streams of water, light, and music, steadily changing and therefore always different.

Hotel and Casino MGM Grand

As befits a complex with this name (grand means great). All objects of this entertainment center claim to be superlatives. At least that was the case at the time of its construction: in 1993, it was considered the most extensive American hotel with the world’s largest casino with 16 thousand square meters.

It was the first hotel in the world to open a check-in service at the airport: at the stage of waiting for luggage, you can already receive a room key. The MGM Grand is instantly recognizable by the 45-foot statue of a bronze lion that flaunts in front of its entrance.

It will immediately remind you of the icon of the MGM film studio flashing in films. Well, if not, you will remember this when passing through its main entrance, imitating under the head of a lion, or seeing an open-air cage with lions located on the territory of the complex. Casino MGM Grand has long held the title of the largest. In general, exploring the infrastructure, you will get lost several times, each time wandering into a new place that you are unlikely to want to leave quickly – hitting, for example, a winding super-long river, lazily flowing among the fresh palm trees.

Shark Reef Aquarium

It is not an ordinary aquarium for exotic fish but rather a huge transparent enclosure for bloodthirsty ocean predators. Located at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, the aquarium is designed so that you forget that you are walking through its transparent tunnel.

It begins to seem that you are swimming in the company of sometimes cute, but more often monstrous marine life: giant turtles, sawfish, piranhas, jellyfish, and, of course, ferocious sharks collected from all 4 oceans.

To cover all aspects of the ocean, the organizers have divided the aquarium into 14 thematic zones, even representing aquatic creatures such as reptiles. Crocodiles, snakes, and lizards feel very good here: the conditions of the aquarium are as close to natural as possible. And the feeding of the 15 sharks living here has been turned into a real show, surprisingly many people are going to watch it.

Complex “Luxor Las Vegas”

You have almost certainly seen a photo of Luxor somewhere on the Internet, the unusual pyramidal design of which makes it stand out from the more traditional architecture of the city. The similarity of the hotel with the Egyptian pyramid cannot be overlooked.

It is difficult not to get confused and immediately orientate in the numerous rooms and services of this big complex. Therefore the so-called “Tour of the Nile” is organized for the guests, showing them all parts of the complex entertaining “organism”.

The owners of Luxor thought all this was not enough, and they decided to surprise everyone with another curiosity. At the top of the pyramid was installed the brightest light source, which is possibly the most powerful light beam in the world. They say that on a clear day it can be seen with the naked eye from an airplane flying over it at an altitude of 440 km.

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