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USA: places that you have to visit

American flag

Some of these landmarks are closely related to its complex history as native Americans have left a rather impressive mark on its famous cultural legacy.


The Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty under cloudy sky during daytime


Perhaps, the most iconic landmark of the United States of America – the Statue of Liberty. This landmark can be easily observed not only from a distance, but also by climbing 354 steps to its summit after taking a ferry from Battery Park to Liberty Island. One could look from the crown of the limestone Roman goddess of liberty across the Manhattan skyline. While being a gift from France back in 1886, the statue serves as America’s symbol of enlightenment and freedom, both in the past and in the future.


America’s White House

Capitol Hill, U.S.A. 

The second America’s most influential landmarks is a famous symbol of American democracy since 1800 when the first occupation by the president John Adams occurred. Today this building is highlighted as a famous political spot for the most curious ones. It has a visitor center, arranging tours through a member of Congress.


The Empire State building

Empire State Building at night


Besides nature driven and historical landmarks, the country has a national business and broadcasting center and an art deco skyscraper, which today is also the most photographed building in the world. Located in Manhattan, it has dozens of shops, restaurants, exhibition sites, TV and radio program sites, education centers and other business oriented formations designed for broadcasting and other commercial activities. Its top deck is located on the 102nd floor of the building. It is open for observations every day, 365 days in a year. The building was finished in 1930. It has a broadcast tower on top of it with an antenna and several additional constructions.


Golden Gate bridge


Golden Gate bridge during daytime

Almost every american has crossed this bridge at least one time in his or her lifetime. It has a great functional meaning besides being America’s famous landmark seen on the postcards and photos in art galleries, advertisements and movie clips. It is a suspension bridge completed in 1937 and survived the 1989 quake of Loma Prieta. The length of the bridge is 2737 meters. Today it is a huge and monumental heritage of America’s construction infrastructure.


Times Square

group of people walking near high-rise buildings


Times Square is a tourist destination as well as the entertainment center in Manhattan. It is filled up with billboards, advertisements, showrooms and other means of commercial activities surrounding pedestrian areas. It is the world’s busiest street, while also being a famous tourist attraction. Lots of walking tours, bus tours, food tours, night tours and bike tours are held here (about 40 different tours). The world’s famous Broadway musicals are being played at Time Square.


Arlington National cemetery in Virginia


gray concrete tomb under blue sky during daytime

It is a beautiful gravestone 624 acres wide garden with about 400 thousand graves of people, who once served the country and gained its honour (e.g. J.F.Kennedy,Abner Doubleday, Alfred C. Richmond, Allard Lowenstein, Audie Murphy, Charles Willeford, Charles Young). Established in 1864, the whole yard looks surprisingly simple – white gravestones mounted into grass surrounded by flourishing apple fruit trees and bright green bushes, that holds merely a half of the American history. It has its own seal – Arlington National cemetery seal and is owned by the U.S. Department of the army. Each Memorial day the cemetery’s gravestones are marked by America’s national flags.


South Dakota’s mount Rushmore


Mount Rushmore, United States

This landmark has another view of America, which is often shown in almost every single american movie – a mountain with more than 80 meters tall faces of 4 America’s presidents (A.Lincoln, T.Roosevelt, T. Jefferson and G. Washington). Made from granite rocks and facing the Black Hills (Keystone). This historical monument has more than 3 million visitors each year.


Grand Canyon in Arizona


mountain ranges

While becoming a national park and a village in 1919, it has a beautiful 446 km long and 29 km wide as well as 1.6 km deep area which is open all year round. Visitors can book a campground, buy a trip planning map of North and South Rims, park their cars, ride shuttle buses and even have a meal while climbing its picturesque mountains. This is a true landmark of America as it mirrors its climate diversities, its flora and fauna and gives a tribute to America’s nature variations in general.


Yellowstone National park


brown and white abstract painting

Famous for its articles in National Geographic magazine, it became a national park in 1872. It has 300 bird species, 16 fish species, 67 mammal species and 5 amphibian species living on its territory. Lots of programs, camping grounds, routes for day hiking, photo shooting, bicycling, boating, fishing and horseback riding are available here. It is one more significant landmark of America’s nature.


Colorado’s Mesa Verde


photo of brown rock mountain

There is a national park in Colorado, referred to as Mesa Verde which has more than 600 cliff dwellings carved as rocks. There is a palace and 150 rooms which used to be home to the 1300s inhabitants – the Ancestral Puebloan people. Now this land is abandoned, but remains precisely the same as it was so many centuries ago.

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