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Things to see in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has an unusually flat surface which makes it a good place for lakes and rivers. Overall the Netherlands is a country with beautiful sceneries and many have described it as a green country.

People here enjoy simple picnics and bike rides. As a matter of fact, Amsterdam claims to have more bikes than people which gives a slight clue of what is one of the most used transportation ways.

Nowadays the Netherlands attracts many young travelers as the country has legalized same-sex marriage as well as marijuana. These legalizations have attracted travelers for many years, but overall the population is quite old as the Netherlands has a high percentage of older folks living in it.

The Netherlands is a part of the Benelux economic union. Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands have a deal of free circulation of goods in and out of member countries.

There are many things to see in the Netherlands as a tourist. Many of which are considered simple, but worth seeing. There are museums, buildings, nature, and parks to enjoy in this country. In the paragraphs below, see the top places to visit when going on a trip to the Netherlands.

Anna Frank house

Anna Frank is a famous girl that has lived in the darkest times – World War II. This museum has quotes from her diary as she was hiding in the same house for two years when she was betrayed. This museum is one of the most visited museums in the Netherlands and gives a slight peek in the life of a Jewish girl living in the toughest times of our era. Museum costs for the tour are starting from 12 EUR.

For tourists wanting to visit this popular museum, have to keep in mind that the lines for visitors usually get really long and it is often advised to go early in the day.


Amsterdam is one of the most popular cities in Europe, therefore just enjoying everything this city has to offer is an adventure of its own. Amsterdam is a city of bikes as it has more bikes than people.

Hopping on a bike and just riding around is one of the best ways to explore the beautiful city and see it through the local’s eyes. The canal cruise in the river and see the city from the boat ride or see the small little shops on the streets of Amsterdam.

The best parks in Amsterdam are the Vondelpark which holds the largest entertainment events in it. Westerpark is also a well-known place for relaxing and enjoying the city with a more relaxed perspective. For art lovers the greatest place to visit is the Van Gogh Museum that will show the original paintings of the great artist.

Another very famous moving landmark is the letters “I Amsterdam” that always moves around and gives more sights to take pictures on when in Amsterdam. This is usually the top place to take pictures as travelers love a good memory of the trip.

 Windmills in the country-side

One of the well-known scenes of the Netherlands is windmills that run in beautiful green fields and blue skies. This scene is not a fairytale or a stereotype, actual windmills still run in the Netherlands when you ride out of the city. There are many historical windmills in the Zaasnse Schans in Zaandam and many more.

One of the easy and quick for visiting is de Gooyer in the Oostelijke Eilanden region. One of the great reasons to visit specifically this windmill is for the artisan microbrewery that is below the windmill with an outdoor drinking terrace to enjoy. The brewery offers organic standard ales and seasonal ales that tourists surely like to taste.

De Haar Castle

Visiting the famous De Haar Castle should be in the overall bucket list when visiting the Netherlands. Castle is located in the city called Utrecht and has been a historic mark of the year 1391. This great architectural treasure has been rebuilt in the ’80s but still gives the sight of different age. The castle has wooden carvings and artifacts that are well-known to architecture lovers al around the globe.

Keukenhof in Liss

Keukenhof in Liss is one of the biggest flower gardens in the world and has the landscape of which tourists will never forget. Scene of bright and colorful flowers, fresh aromas and their compositions will surely impress the visitor and give a newly found love for nature as never before. Garden is only open from March to May for a short period to enjoy, but if the trips take place during those months, it one more must-have sight of the Netherlands.

Many people fall in love with the beauty of the Netherlands from first glance. Its favorable economic environment, culture, and welcoming people convince many people to stay and explore the country for a longer time. Acquiring a work permit in the Netherlands in such cases is a great idea.

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