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Kazakhstan: work permit

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Kazakhstan also boasts Central Asia’s largest economy. It’s an excellent location for expansion, but make sure that all of your staff have the necessary visas and permits to work in Kazakhstan. Your organization can save fees and operating delays by doing so.

Only a small number of foreign people are granted work permits by the Kazakhstan government. As a result, obtaining a work visa in Kazakhstan is a lengthy process.

In the majority of cases, the business prefers to engage Kazakhstani workers. Under exceptional circumstances, however, highly skilled foreign staff are given preference.

The visa application process differs depending on the type of visas your foreign employee need, as well as their work title, income, and other factors.

Types of work visas in Kazakhstan

There are five different types of working visas available in Kazakhstan for international employees:

M1 visa

This visa is for international workers who have been given a work permit by a Kazakhstani company.

M2 visa

Dependents of foreign employees on M1 visas are granted M2 visas.

M3 visa

This visa is for foreign people who need to travel to Kazakhstan to finalize their work permits with local officials.

M4 visa

This visa is for “entrepreneurs” or “business immigrants.”

M5 visa

Seasonal workers are granted M5 visas.

The M1 visa is the most popular, and the majority of your staff will likely require it.

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Requirements to obtain Kazakhstan work visas

Your organization will need visa support from Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to secure work visas for your staff. You must submit the following documents:

  • A letter from the company confirming the foreign worker’s invitation.
  • A notarized copy of the current charter of the employing company.
  • A copy of the work permit has been notarized.
  • The power of attorney of the employer.
  • Proof that the employer owes no unpaid taxes.
  • A receipt showing payment of the consular fee.

The following documents must be supplied to get an M1 visa:

  • A completed visa application
  • A copy of the applicant’s passport
  • One photo the size of a passport
  • A receipt indicating that the consular fee has been paid

Application Process

The application process differs depending on the type of visa required, the job title and salary of your staff, and a range of other considerations. In general, the procedure starts with a labor market search to discover if any qualified Kazakh job seekers are available to fill the position. The employer should initiate this search.

Following the determination of the necessity for a foreign worker, your employee should be subjected to a health examination. Your company, as the employer, must then submit a work permit application to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, along with all necessary documents.

After receiving the work permit, the employee should apply for an entry visa at the Kazakhstan embassy or consulate in their home country. The employee may be asked to produce their work contract, CV, proof of lodging in Kazakhstan, and other documents to support their application. Before applying, the easiest approach to check that the employee has all of the necessary papers is to contact the embassy.

Employees must register with the Migration Police after getting a visa and traveling to Kazakhstan.

Other important points to consider

Kazakhstan’s government sets a yearly limit on the number of work licenses granted to foreign people. Because of this restriction and the somewhat difficult procedure of acquiring a visa, many companies prefer to obtain visas for only highly skilled international workers and recruit Kazakhstani citizens wherever possible.

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