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India: 18 professions for immigration

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There are even special government programs for the employment of migrants with a high level of education in engineering, medical, information, and other areas in demand.

It is beneficial for the state to accept professionals who do not need social benefits. Favorable conditions for adaptation are created for migrants from India. In the future, they are expected to make a certain contribution to the development of industry, science, technology, and other spheres of the country’s economy. At the same time, the opportunity to work in government structures, to persons who are not citizens of the country, as a rule, is closed.

The choice of a profession by Indian citizens abroad is carried out depending on the existing education and level of language proficiency. The most attractive professions for immigration:


Unlike similar work in India, nursing work is valued and well paid in Western countries. This allows you to get comfortable working conditions, a high standard of living, and in the long term – citizenship.


A respected and prestigious profession with a decent salary. The immigrant needs to confirm the existing diploma, undergo testing and internship.


A shortage of qualified pharmaceutical workers exists in many countries. Both in large companies and regular pharmacies.


There is a particular demand for narrowly qualified specialists in the automotive and aerospace industries. Preference is given to persons with work experience.

IT specialist

Information technology is a modern, rapidly developing industry. Young, talented programmers, website developers, computer security specialists are welcome in all countries.

Construction worker

In large cities, construction is underway. The infrastructure is being improved, new houses are being built, where installers, bricklayers, finishers are needed. Skilled middle managers are also in demand in the industry.



Professions related to the extraction and development of mineral deposits, oil, and gas are also highly qualified. Specialists who know effective ways of finding natural resources that do not harm nature are appreciated.

Oil and gas specialists

The oil and gas sector occupies a key place in the economies of the world powers. Work experience, knowledge of modern equipment is appreciated.

English teacher

A popular specialty in both European and Asian countries. Teachers are needed at all levels of education – from preschool to university. Employment requires confirmation of qualifications and obtaining an international certificate.


A good opportunity to combine work with the development of translation experience directly in the language environment. Translators from India work in almost all countries of the world. The place of work can be – excursion and travel agencies, translation agencies, international companies.

Economist accountant

A specialized diploma is required. Specialists are required for banking structures, conducting analytics, assessments, making forecasts in the structures of international financial companies. Letters of recommendation from previous jobs are welcome.

Airliner pilot

One of the highest-paid professions. In this regard, in India in recent years, there has been a steady desire for aviation specialists to move to foreign, especially Asian, airlines.


Foreigners can count on temporary contracts lasting from a few months to a year. You will need to pass exams and obtain a license in the country of employment.


They are engaged in loading and unloading ships in the port. The job is not easy, but the salary for the dockers is high.

Power engineer, electrician

The field of activity, especially in demand in Canada and the USA. The profession is considered prestigious and well paid.

Truck Driver

If you have category “E” rights and good knowledge of spoken English, after completing an internship, you can get a job as a truck driver in any European country. Taxi drivers are also often recruited from migrant workers. In addition to a driving license, they need to have driving experience and be well-versed in the city.

Agricultural (field) worker

Temporary work, which is chosen by foreign students during the holidays. It consists of the seasonal collection of vegetables, fruits, berries, cleaning of livestock farms.


Another favorite profession among students. Provides an opportunity to practice the language. The income is not high, but it allows you to combine it with a spa vacation.

In any country, the level of knowledge of the local language plays an important role in employment. All professions for immigration to one degree or another involve communication with people. The higher the knowledge of the language, the better vacancy in the chosen field you can count on.

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