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Israel: about Taglit program

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Here, despite the repeated tragedy of exile, the Jewish presence persisted for centuries. With the proclamation of the State of Israel in 1948, the independence of the Jewish people that was lost 2,000 years ago was restored. For all Jews who do not live in the territory of modern Israel, the Taglit-Birthright program was invented. It was done so they will be able to visit and get to know the rich culture of their people.

What is the Taglit-Birthright program?

Taglit is a cultural and educational project for young people with Jewish roots. It is a ten-day tour to Israel, during which there is an acquaintance with the national Israeli culture and history. The project is aimed at future repatriates and active participants in the world Jewish diaspora.

Taglit in Hebrew means discovery, knowledge of the unknown. So, the purpose is to get to know Israel and its unique people, discover one’s own belonging to Jewish values ​​and traditions, and possible ways to become part of the global Jewish community oneself.

To date, more than 600,000 people from 67 countries have already visited Israel under the Taglit program, and this is the largest project of its kind. Taglit was founded in 1999 at the initiative of Jewish philanthropists Michael Steinhardt and Charles Bronfman, who later attracted many other partners, Jewish communities of the world, individuals, and family foundations to their idea.

During the ten-day trip, the participants of the program visit most of Israel’s attractions, learn about the culture and way of life in the country, get acquainted, and communicate with Israeli peers. The tour program is designed so that young people can learn about the past and present of Israel. The Taglit program is an opportunity to get to know Israel for free. The project is fully funded by Jewish patrons and the government.

The program is enrolled twice a year, in summer and winter. One Taglit group consists of 40 participants, accompanied by two local tour guides, an Israeli guide, and a medical security guard. For informational purposes, several peers from Israel join the group.

The tour program includes visits to all attractions – from the Golan Heights, the Dead Sea, and the Western Wall to Tel Aviv’s nightlife pubs. Jeep and camel rides, hiking, and comfortable trips on a modern bus with wi-fi, interesting discussions, and debates, as well as many other vivid impressions, await every participant of the Taglit program in Israel.

aerial view of city buildings during daytime

Who can participate in the Taglit-Birthright program

Taglit is for:

  • all young Jews between the ages of 18 and 32;
  • who graduated from high school;
  • who have never taken part in a group educational trip before;
  • who have not lived in Israel over the age of 12.


Participants can be persons, who are considered Jews according to the laws of Jewish society or one of the recognized areas of Judaism, or those who have at least one of their parents, or grandparents, is a Jew, and who is not an explicit follower of another religion.

Applicants who have previously resided or visited Israel can participate in the program in the case of:

  • visiting Israel for tourism purposes;
  • visiting Israel as part of an educational trip under 18 that lasted less than 3 months;
  • birth in Israel and moving to another state before the age of 12.

What is included in the Taglit ten-day trip?

As a participant in the program, you will visit modern Israel, a state of the 21st century, whose inhabitants belong to various cultural, ethnic, and religious groups. You will see how this country combines centuries of tradition with modern technology, clubs, universities, fashion, culture, and full combat readiness. These ten days will help you get acquainted with the main periods of Jewish history.

In Israel, you follow the biblical path: archaeological sites, nature reserves, deserts, and mountains serve as a backdrop for historical events past and present. Your ten-day trip program will give you an insight into the traditional core ideas and values ​​of Jewish life. Tikkun Olam (bringing order to the world), Shalom (peace), and Klal Yisrael (uniting the Jewish people) are a few of the topics that you will touch upon in your discussions.

You will also have the opportunity to network with Israeli peers, some of whom will join you during your trip. Your guides will be a team of highly professional Israelis. Besides, you will be accompanied by excellent presenters dedicated to our common cause.

The program includes travel, hiking, group discussions, social events, camel riding, training, parties, and meeting Israelis. You will learn a lot, but the classes will not take place in the classroom, all of Israel will be your school. These ten days will be as intense as my whole life. You will laugh, cry, look, think, feel, doubt, bewilderment, dance, touch, and taste. It is your chance to realize yourself, connect with your people, history, and future.

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