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Italy: option to relocate

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In this article, we have given all the possible legal ways to move to Italy.

Residence permit in Italy

A temporary residence permit in Italy (Permesso di soggiorno) is a document confirming the right of foreigners and stateless persons to reside in the country for an extended period. This document always indicates the reasons based on which it was issued and its validity period during which the foreigner has the right to stay in Italy.

A temporary residence permit allows foreigners to gain access to certain rights and services. The document is the basis for the subsequent issuance of an identity card (carta di identità) and a social security number (codice fiscale), in the presence of which you can receive medical care in medical institutions, open a bank account, etc.

A residence permit for immigration to Italy can be issued for the following reasons:

  • employment, temporary or permanent (lavoro Subordinato);
  • seasonal work (lavoro sub-stagionale);
  • business (lavoro autonomo);
  • long business trip (missione);
  • professional internship (tirocinio formazione professionale);
  • training (lasting more than 3 months) (studio);
  • family reunification (ricongiungimento famigliare);
  • political asylum (asilo politico);
  • chosen place of residence (residenza elettiva);
  • adoption (adozione);
  • religious circumstances (motivi religiosi);
  • investments.

Methods for obtaining a residence permit in Italy

In Italy, there are several ways to obtain a temporary or permanent residence permit. Let’s take a look at the main ones.

Family reunion (Ricongiungimento familiare)

The following categories of foreign citizens can obtain a residence permit due to family reunification:

  • spouse;
  • minor children or children over 21 years old who are dependent on their parents;
  • parents (including parents of spouses) who are dependent and have no other children in the country of origin;
  • parents over 65 years old who have other children in the country of origin, if the latter cannot support them for health reasons.

It is possible to submit a request for this type of residence permit by providing the authorities with documents confirming a relationship with an Italian citizen or a foreigner legally residing and having a residence permit for at least a year.

Residence permit for employment

To immigrate to Italy and obtain a residence permit for employment, a foreigner must find an employer who will submit a request for a residence permit due to professional employment (Nulla Osta al lavoro subordinato) to the Immigration Department after the issuance of the Decree on Annual Government Quotas to work (decreto flussi). This decree defines the maximum number of workers from countries outside the EU that can enter Italy this year.

A residence permit for employment reasons is issued after the conclusion of a residence agreement in the Single Immigration Window.

The residence agreement must contain:

  • guarantees from the Italian employer regarding the provision of housing for the employee;
  • the employer’s obligation to pay transport costs for the return of the employee to the country of origin in the case of his/her deportation.

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Business immigration to Italy

Italy is one of the few EU countries where you can open your own business or purchase a ready-made business without being a citizen or resident of the country. Moreover, registering a business in Italy is one of the best options for foreigners wishing to move to Italy for permanent residence.

To carry out business activities in Italy, you must go through several procedures established by law. First of all, it is necessary to obtain a permit appropriate for a business visa, which is issued within certain annual quotas for the entry of foreign workers.

Residence permit for study

Having gone to Italy to study (for more than 3 months), you have the right to receive a temporary residence permit for the relevant circumstances. This type of residence permit is issued for three months and up to one year, depending on the duration of the study, with the possibility of extending the document.

The most reasonable motive for obtaining this type of residence permit in Italy is the admission of a foreign student to an Italian university. Enrollment in a university practically guarantees the issuance of an entry visa. Also, upon completion of the university, you can stay in Italy for permanent residence and convert your residence permit for reasons of study into a residence permit for employment (subject to quotas for foreign specialists).

Residence permit for political refugees

Foreigners have the right to apply for political asylum in Italy and obtain an appropriate residence permit in case they are persecuted in their home country based on race or certain political beliefs. This method of moving to Italy for permanent residence is extremely difficult: you will be asked to present undeniable evidence of personal persecution in your country of origin.

Immigration by investment

An investor visa, unlike a business visa and a work visa, is in no way related to the entry quotas allocated annually by the Italian government, so entry into Italy can be carried out at any time, regardless of the availability of a labor quota.

An investor visa can be requested in the following cases:

  • the foreigner intends to invest in government securities (the minimum amount is 2 million euros, the investment period is at least 2 years);
  • a foreigner is ready to invest in companies established and operating in Italy (the minimum amount is 1 million euros, the investment period is at least 2 years);
  • a foreigner is interested in sponsoring innovative start-ups registered in the Italian business register (minimum amount – 500,000 euros, investment period – at least 2 years);
  • a foreigner donated at least 1 million euros to charity (scientific research, educational programs, restoration of cultural, historical, and landscape heritage, etc.).
  • After a foreigner has issued a visa for an investor in Italy, he will be issued an Italian residence permit for investors with a validity of 2 years, with the possibility of extending the document for another 3 years (if the investment continues to work).

After receiving a temporary residence permit and having lived in the country for 5 years on legal grounds, you can apply for a long-term residence permit (permesso di soggiorno CE per soggiornati di lungo periodo). This document allows a foreigner to reside in Italy indefinitely, i.e. grants the immigrant resident status.

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