Immigration destinations: Serbia

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Flag of Serbia

Immigration to Serbia


Serbia is an excellent choice for immigration because this country offers a low cost of living combined with access to all the amenities of developed infrastructure.

Here you can enjoy first-class dining, shopping, and entertainment options, but at the same time, the costs of such a lifestyle will be several times less than in many other countries of the world.


Stages of immigration in Serbia

The main stages of immigration to Serbia are as follows:

  1. obtaining a residence permit;
  2. obtaining permanent residence;
  3. obtaining citizenship.


Residence permit and permanent residence

A residence permit is a document that confirms the right of a foreigner to long-term residence in Serbia. Permanent residence is the right to permanent residence in the country.

A person who has permanent residence in Serbia has almost the same rights as Serbian residents. A permanent residence card is valid longer than a residence permit card.


Obtaining a residence permit

Obtaining a residence permit is possible based on the law on foreigners, the last amendments to which were adopted in 2018.


The main reasons for obtaining a residence permit:


Most often, a residence permit is issued based on the acquisition of real estate, as well as the opening of your own business.


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Documents for the residence permit


Serbian citizenship

Serbian citizenship can be obtained:


Birth and origin

If one of the parents is a citizen of this country, the child receives Serbian citizenship automatically.


Adoption of citizenship


Citizenship is issued based on:



Citizenship is issued based on a document confirming the fact of marriage. You should be prepared for the fact that the migration police will check the marriage for fictitiousness.



To obtain citizenship, it is required to provide evidence that the applicant is in danger at home.


A person is recognized as a refugee if he/she came from a country in which hostilities are being conducted. Also, a foreigner is a refugee if at home he is persecuted for his beliefs.


Special Merits

Foreigners who have invested in the economy, as well as benefactors, can apply for Serbian citizenship. If a person has made a contribution to the country's economy in the amount of 70.0 thousand euros or more, he has the right to obtain citizenship in an accelerated mode.


The project of obtaining citizenship in exchange for investment is still under development. There are 3 likely investment options:

  1. Starting your own business;
  2. Investments in a real estate project (it must be approved by the Serbian government). The optimal investment amount is 250 thousand euros. The term is five years;
  3. Donation to the government development fund.


Depending on the type of investment, the foreigner will have to pay the cost of inspections: 7.5 thousand euros - for the applicant, 4 thousand euros - for his family members. If the grant of citizenship is denied, the fee is non-refundable.




Required documents for obtaining a Serbian passport

A more specific procedure for accepting citizenship, a list of documents and terms are determined in each specific case. But there is also general information available:


Terms and cost of obtaining citizenship

On average, Serbian citizenship is issued in 6-8 months. But in some cases, foreigners have to wait 1–1.5 years for an answer. The state fee for filing documents is 145 euros.


Common reasons for denial of Serbian citizenship

Citizenship is denied if the applicant: