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France: cost of immigration

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The profitable and social goods of immigration have been sources of contention since the end of the 19th century. France’s residency permit is a document that allows its holder to stay in France and is obligatory for every outsider who comes to France to stay further than three months. Without a French residency permit, one won’t only be considered an illegal occupant in France but will be unfitted to get access to numerous state services and aid.

Cost of visa

When applying for a Schengen visa there’s a non-refundable obligatory visa figure every aspirant must pay. The Schengen visa costs vary depending on the type of visa and age of the aspirant as well. The Schengen visa figure can be paid in the designated consulate/ delegacy via cash, debit, or credit card. Still, some consulates may not allow you to pay by credit card.

An adult pays a fee of $96. The visa freights may also be waived for people aged 25 years or lower in forums, conferences, sports, and artistic or educational events, organized by non-profit associations. The decision will be made case by case according to the applicability of the event. Again, in case the visa is denied there’s no refund of the funds paid.

Travel costs

Travelers to France will probably find the best prices by flying to Paris since it’s a major mecca. Paris has three airfields, though chances are if you’re coming from North America you’ll fly in and out of Charles de Gaulle. There are several other airfields in France, though not numerous offer direct routes-most will need you to stop in Paris anyway. As with flights to most destinations, you’ll find the costliest airfare reserved on weekends, during the vacation season, or during the high season (summer months for France). Still, you’ll manage to find lower costs, If you can plan around these times.

The average cost of a return flight to Paris is $650. Keep in mind flights will be less expensive if you’re flying from the east seacoast rather than the west seacoast, and those flying from the USA will frequently see cheaper fares than Canadians. With these estimates, you can anticipate paying roughly $USD for a two-week holiday.

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Other costs related to immigration

When immigrating to France there are other costs to keep in mind other than the costs of a visa, like accommodation and transportation.


Accommodation in France tends to follow the same guidelines as searching flights, weekends, leaves, and the high season will see the costliest prices. All major metropolises will have options ranging from five-star luxury hotels and, of course, everything in-between. The average cost of a mid-range restaurant for this estimate is about $150 per night.

Local transportation

Getting around France and its metropolises is much easier by public transportation. Trains will take you across the country while regional metro systems, motorcars, and also buses are perfect for exploring metropolises. How much you spend on transportation in France really depends on where you plan to go. Getting a France rail pass comes with its limitations, for illustration, you can only use it on trains that don’t need seat reservations. Frequently, you can find better deals by reserving each train trip solo, though you’ll get better prices doing this if you book early.

It’s recommended budgeting about $200 for public transportation in France which will give you many trip days. However, you’ll need to allocate more, if you plan on hopping around a lot.

Take away

France remains one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. From the bustling megacity of Paris to the French Riviera strands, and French Alps, this beautiful country has a lot to offer. Both transportation and restaurants in the area can be costly. It’s best to book ahead by at least several weeks. Prices go up with time and you may find yourself paying nearly doubly for train tickets on the day of your trip. While this does not allow you the inflexibility you may want, it’s generally well worth funds savings.

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