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Belize: education overview

Belize - education

Belize is a real paradise for scientists: botanists, bird watchers, zoologists, geographists, and biologists. The most popular languages in the country are English, Spanish, and Creole. Studying in Belize is a great opportunity for any child.

Educational system

Most schools use the British education system. The training lasts for twelve years: the first 2 years of study take place in primary school, where small children study:

  • The next 6 years are also taught in primary school;
  • The last 4 years have been in secondary school.

Tuitions fee

Both Belizeans and foreigners can attend primary school. In public schools, tuition is free. The schools are well funded by the government and have become more affordable. Unfortunately, there are still many unresolved problems in the field of education. For example, affordable education for the poor. Homeschooling is very popular, especially among foreigners, even though the curriculum can be limited.

High schools

High schools are often called colleges. This is since some additional disciplines can be studied in them. There are also evening courses where you can upgrade or complete your training. Some schools use the North American teaching system – the school year begins in early September and ends in late June.

Until the age of 14, school is compulsory, although this condition is not always met, which is why a lot of schoolchildren are expelled. Most of the schools are public, and funding comes from the state and the Roman Catholic Church. In addition to public schools in Belize, there are also private schools.

The level of education in them is much higher, but because of the expensive education, many fewer children study there.

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Higher education

Higher degrees are represented at two universities and in some colleges. The main university is the main University of Belize. It has a large number of college campuses that are scattered throughout Belize.

Besides, this country has the following higher educational institutions: 

  1. Belize University;
  2. Institute of Agriculture;
  3. Pedagogical Institute;
  4. Institute of Agriculture;
  5. Youth Development Center;
  6. Technical Institute;
  7. Branch of the University of the West Indies.

The duration of study in higher educational institutions does not exceed five years, however, the basics of specialization and a bachelor’s degree can be obtained in the first 2 years of study, and this allows you to start working.

Most students wear specialized uniforms. This is because the Catholic Church has a very strong influence on schools. Many public and private elementary schools offer Catholic sermons once a week. They last for three hours.

Since the Constitution of this country guarantees freedom of religion, it is possible not to receive religious education. Moreover, it requires parental consent.

Specific of education

The main language of Belize is English. It is used in all schools in the country, although other languages ​​are taught, for example, Spanish. In localities with many ethnic groups, training is carried out in the language spoken by most of the residents of a particular locality. For example, it can be a Mayan dialect, Garifuna, Celtic. The state is very attentive to children with developmental disabilities. Specialized boarding schools and colleges have been created for them, in which, in addition to the usual teaching staff, psychologists and doctors work.

Besides, Belize has developed and implemented a special project called the “School of Lifelong Learning”. This school was built in the largest city in the country – Belize City. The essence of this pilot program is that both children and adults can study in this school. For adult students, special training courses are organized, also, there is an opportunity to get a new profession. Education at this school is paid.


Studying in Belize is the first step towards leaving and immigrating to the country. The essence of the program is simple. You must get an education from the state university, and after receiving your education, you will obtain a work visa and finally – Belizean citizenship.

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