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Expat guides: best counties by medical system

Medical and healthcare

In most of the world’s most developed and wealthy countries, health care has reached a very high level, which contributes to longer life expectancy and generally makes people happier.

The countries with the best medicine are distinguished by their versatility, that is, the health of the nation is ensured by several factors, including disease prevention, timeliness, and availability of medical care, high qualifications of doctors, and modern equipment in health care institutions.

#1 Luxembourg

 The country with the best medicine in the world is Luxembourg. A small state with a population of about 632 thousand people, located next to France, Germany, and Belgium, has a very high-quality public health system, which covers up to 99% of citizens. The fundamental principles are compulsory health insurance and free choice of the service provider. On average, Luxembourgers and permanent residents are reimbursed from 80 to 100% of the cost of treatment. In terms of nominal GDP per capita, Luxembourg is the richest country in Europe.

Life expectancy in Luxembourg is 82 years (women – 84, men – 79.8).

#2 Singapore

Singapore ranks second in the ranking of countries with the best medicine. One of the four “Asian tigers” provides citizens not only with a high standard of living but also with an effective health care system. Funding comes from both national insurance schemes and budgetary subsidies and the Central Reserve Fund. In the structure of government spending in Singapore, health care is ranked third after defense and education.

Life expectancy in Singapore is 83 years (women – 86, men – 80).

person wearing lavatory gown with green stethoscope on neck using phone while standing

#3 Japan

According to the World Health Organization and many other independent studies, the Japanese live the longest in the world. For example, on the island of Okinawa alone, more than 400 centenarians have been registered. This is largely due not only to proper nutrition, good ecology, and an active lifestyle but also to the quality of medicine in Japan. In local clinics, patients are charged no more than 10-30% of the cost of services, and the remainder is paid by the state. All Japanese citizens are required by law to have health insurance.

Life expectancy in Japan is 85 years (women – 87, men – 82).

#4 Switzerland

Switzerland is a very beautiful, rich and, what is important, healthy country. Almost all residents of the state have compulsory health insurance policies. The choice of a clinic and a specific region where a person can undergo treatment depends on the features of this document. Cheaper policies usually do not cover dental services and significantly limit the range of doctors. Despite the rather expensive health care, when potential immigrants choose which country is better to live in, the thoughts of Switzerland come to mind first.

Life expectancy in Switzerland is 83 years (women – 85, men – 81).

#5 Austria

Austria closes the TOP countries in the world with the best medicine. The country has a two-tier health care system. Most residents use the services of public clinics, but some prefer to pay for treatment privately. Note that for many years the Austrian capital, Vienna, has been leading the list of the best cities to live in the world. And not only due to cultural and economic factors, but also due to quality medicine.

Life expectancy in Austria is 81 years (women – 84, men – 78).

#6 Norway

Norway is another Nordic country with excellent medical care. All Norwegian citizens are covered by the National Insurance System and private health care services are limited. The lion’s share of local clinics is funded and owned by the state. The Norwegian government’s health care expenditure per person is higher than in most other countries on the planet.

Life expectancy in Norway is 82 years (women – 84, men – 80).

#7 Sweden

Almost all Scandinavian countries rank highest in Europe in terms of living standards, average wages, and quality of medicine. Sweden is in the lead on the last point. The health care system in the country is funded by taxes and ensures equal access to health services for every citizen. With significant reductions in deaths from heart attacks and strokes, the life expectancy of men in Sweden today is one of the highest in the world.

Life expectancy in Sweden is 82 years (women – 84, men – 80).

#8 Netherlands

The health care system of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is divided into three components: long-term care for chronic diseases, basic and emergency medical care (temporary hospital stay, doctor’s appointment), additional services (physiotherapy, cosmetology, dentistry). In the first case, the costs are covered by compulsory state insurance. In the second, private insurance is usually used. Third, an additional payment may be required.

Life expectancy in the Netherlands is 81 years (women – 83, men – 80).

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