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Winter holiday: best destination

Winter in Japan

However, not all of us prefer the same places, so in this guide, we will briefly present the most popular winter holiday countries that you might want to visit.

Starting with the most sun-filled and adventurous holiday destinations and ending with the destinations with the boldest winter for seasonal activities, hopefully, you will find the best winter holiday country for your preferences.


city beside body of water during daytime

Europe is a great winter holiday destination for those who are seeking lively cities with some of the best Christmas festivities. Therefore, as the first suggestion for your winter holidays, we have chosen Austria.

Austria offers some of the best ski slopes around the world. Here, you will be surrounded by the magnificent Alps with picturesque towns all over. To enjoy this country the most, we recommend you rent a traditional chalet with log fire and engage in winter activities like skiing, snowboarding, visiting Christmas markets, winter walking, and others.


aerial photography of street at night covered with snow

If you are looking for the most winter-like experience, then you should consider heading to Finland. Here you will find a fistful of Christmas clichés. Even though it is cold and the amount of snow during a Finnish winter will surprise you, Finland is a true winter wonderland.

Finland has some of the most surreal winter landscapes. To get the most out of the scenic winter in this country, you should visit Lapland. The region is most popular amongst tourists. Besides the fact that it is the official home to Santa Claus, Lapland is famous for the many winter cold-weather activities. In Lapland, you will see snow-covered trees, and if you are lucky, even Northern Lights. Furthermore, you can go dog sledding, skiing, ice fishing, snowmobiling, and much more.


body of water near city buildings during daytime

Cold, crisp winter days in Canada is something that many locals and tourists look forward to. Here you can experience the most stunning white landscapes enriched with possibilities of various winter holiday activities.

You could cozy up in front of a fire in a log house, travel with Husky dogs, ice-skate on frozen lakes, conquer trails with waist-deep snow, and of course – ski in the finest ski resorts. There are many winter delights that Canada can offer for the perfect winter holiday. If you get lucky, you could even see the Northern Lights.


map of Australia

If it is summer you are longing for during the long winter holidays, then Australia might be the best choice of winter holiday destination for you. Here you can soak up the warmth of the sun and even catch some waves if you are into it.

If you prefer a more relaxing holiday, then you might want to go sightseeing in the coral reef, lay on the beach, and enjoy great local food. There is nothing better than enjoying an Aussie style winter holiday with some BBQ on the beach and stunning sunset views.


photography of foot tracks on seashore

A thousand miles from the nearest coast, Seychelles is the ultimate island escape during the wintertime. The archipelago receives lots of sunshine all year round. Together with the frequent rain, the weather system here has created the most stunning island landscape.

The 115 islands of the archipelago are famous for the pristine blue waters, fine white sand beaches, lush green environment, and unique biodiversity. Many people refer to this place ad heaven on earth. If you are looking for an exotic adventure to escape the long winter, then Seychelles is the place to go.

Canary Islands

Another sunny and warm winter holiday destination is located right off the western coast of Africa. This Spanish archipelago is not what you might expect. The Canary Islands to Europe is like Hawaii to the United States. Their distance from the mainland has established a unique island vibe with varying ecosystems.

Scented pine forests on the foot of haunting volcanoes, lunar-like landscapes with sharp rocks and hidden coves, and stunning white and black sand beaches will surprise you with the diversity that these islands offer.


Indonesia has the largest potential for diverse adventures from all winter holiday destination countries. With 17000 islands scattered between Australia and the Asian mainland, Indonesia has curious and diverse wildlife and many natural wonders.

You could explore some of the most famous temples in Yogyakarta, visit remote paradise islands, soak in the cultural adventure in Ubud, admire the “blue fire” emitted from Ijen Blue Fire Lake, and so much more. This winter holiday destination is as diverse as they come.


There are many wondrous countries that you can choose as your next winter holiday destination. Either it is a sunny holiday or a winter wonderland holiday you are after, we hope that this guide gave you good insights into the best countries for your winter holidays.

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