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Retirement and citizenship: best countries

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Malta permanent residence without large investments

Malta is in many ways ideal for retirement. Warm climate, friendly people, high level of personal safety, inexpensive real estate. In terms of quality of life and medical care, the country regularly falls into the European Top 10.

The state program of Malta does not offer a residence permit, but immediately a permanent residence permit (permanent residence). This status gives you almost the same rights as citizens of the country. This status is just a step to the citizenship of Malta and the ability to live in any EU country without restrictions.

It is important that, in addition to you, your children under 26 and even grandchildren will be able to receive permanent residence! To participate in the program, you need to invest 250 thousand euros in government Maltese bonds and buy/rent real estate in Malta in the amount of 350 thousand / 16 thousand euros per year. You will also need to confirm the presence of assets for 500 thousand euros.

Cyprus citizenship and resort life

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Cyprus is traditionally in demand among residents of countries from all over the world. This is a resort country with a mild climate, reasonable cost of living, developed infrastructure, and great opportunities for recreation and travel.

One of the main advantages of Cyprus is the existence of an official state program for obtaining citizenship by investment. You can get a Cypriot passport for the purchase of residential property worth 2 million euros. Together with you, your spouse and children under 28 can become citizens of this country.

Recently, the Cypriot government has been reducing the tax burden on its citizens. In particular, the real estate tax has been abolished this year. It is advantageous here to donate property or to transfer it by inheritance.

We can say that Cyprus is a paradise for retirees with an active lifestyle. With the passport of this country, you can travel to 158 countries without visas. Cypriot citizenship must give you the right to reside in any EU country with registration under a simplified procedure.

Residence permit in Portugal for a carefree old age

After retirement, not only residents of the CIS countries but also the British and the Swiss are trying to move to Portugal. What attracts residents of such prosperous countries to it?

In Portugal, there is a state program that allows you to get a “gold card” residence permit for investments in real estate. The terms of the program are quite flexible and offer good discounts for the purchase of housing requiring reconstruction. That is, if in the resort area and large cities to obtain a residence permit you need to purchase real estate with a total value of 500 thousand euros, then in historical areas the costs can be 350 thousand euros.

The Portuguese healthcare system is one of the best in Europe. The World Health Organization even puts it in 12th place in the world. At the same time, prices for doctors’ services here are lower than the average for the European Union. Certain types of services are completely free. So, with a high quality of service, you can maintain health here at relatively low prices.

The same principle applies in general to the quality and cost of living in Portugal. Products and household services are offered here at reasonable prices, and their quality is consistently high. In addition, Portugal has a place to relax – there are many resorts on the Atlantic coast.

Residence permit in Spain for life and travel

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In Spain, the most popular cities among retirees are the resort areas of Costa Blanca, Costa Brava, Costa del Sol, Costa del Asahara. The Spanish climate and sunny weather are favorable for the elderly with asthma, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases.

Any wealthy person who has no problems with the law can obtain a residence permit in Spain. According to the official program, for this, it is enough to invest in real estate in Spain in the amount of 500 thousand euros or more. Thus, you acquire comfortable housing and guarantee yourself the status for hassle-free living and visa-free travel in Schengen.

Spain is famous for the quality of service in clinics, rehabilitation centers. It is noteworthy that in this country, pensioners can count on discounts of up to 90% on medicines and certain medical services.

As for the cost of living, it is quite high only in large cities – Madrid, Barcelona. In small towns on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean, prices correspond to the average European level and are much lower than in France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland.

Residence permit in Austria for wealthy pensioners

The Austrian state program enables wealthy people to spend their old age in a country with the highest standard of living. Austria regularly ranks among the top ten countries in the world for the quality of services, food, health care, culture, and recreation.

You can participate in the program as a financially independent person and include your spouse, children under 18 years of age in the application. To do this, you will need to have at least 60 thousand euros in your bank account, take out medical insurance, buy or rent real estate in Austria (the cost of the object is not limited).

The only snag is that the Austrian authorities strictly set quotas for the issuance of residence permit cards for foreigners, no matter how wealthy they are. Therefore, to most likely get into quotas, we recommend that you seek professional help from a company that deals with such issues.

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