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Spain: best schools for higher education

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Spanish universities hold fairly high positions in these rankings. More than 10 Spanish universities are in the top 500 of the world QS ranking, which indicates an excellent level of higher education. Low tuition payments and living expenses make education in Spain affordable for most students.

Some of the most popular courses and top programs to study in Spain include law, literature, philosophy, marketing, and music. If you are looking for the best universities to further your education, these universities are often renowned as the best ones in Spain.

University of Barcelona

Often ranking as the university in this part of Europe, the University of Barcelona is situated in the beautiful city of Barcelona. This tertiary institution is among the biggest universities in the Kingdom of Spain. The University of Barcelona welcomes an enormous number of local and international students every year.

The University of Barcelona currently has 73 bachelor’s degree courses, over 140 master’s degree courses, 400 UB-specific MSC courses, postgraduate diplomas, and 48 doctoral programs. This is surely one of the best places to get a degree as an international student in Spain.

Autonomous University of Barcelona (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

It is a classic state university and was opened in 1968. Here you can get diplomas of all three cycles of higher education in Spain: bachelor, master, doctor, as well as various diplomas of continuing education and postgraduate education. It can rightfully be called the main university of Barcelona.

A dynamically developing educational institution has high and, at the same time, justified, international ambitions. That is why the university gives students the opportunity to study in Spanish, English, and Catalan. 3 modern campuses, 12 thematic libraries, computer rooms, rooms for laboratory classes, restaurants, its own hotel complex, its own medical center, hostels, a center for children, a sports complex with developed infrastructure – all this is created for an ideal educational process.

The Autonomous University of Barcelona offers 87 bachelor’s degrees programs, 315 programs for master’s students, and 68 Ph.D. programs. The reason why the university is popular among international students is that it offers most of its courses in English.

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University of Valencia (Universidad de Valencia)

It was created in 1502 and is one of the most prominent in the country and in Europe and offers training in 67 specialties. Almost all the buildings of the University are in the new part of the city. The center can be reached on foot by crossing a modern bridge over the river. The university campus consists of multiple city buildings – administration building, botanical garden, science park, historical museum, student dormitories, and canteens. The university has its own symphony orchestra and has established special awards for achievements in scientific activities and literature.

Complutense University of Madrid

This is a public institution of higher education in Spain, which began its activities in 1499. The university has an urban-type campus located in Madrid. More than 83 thousand students study here. Both citizens of the country and foreign citizens can apply for admission to the university. Among students, every 8th student is a foreigner. The infrastructure of the institution includes its own library. The university is part of the European University Association (EUA) and is also a member of the Utrecht Network.

Pompeu Fabra University

Established in 1990, the Pompeu Fabra University is still very young. It was named after a renowned linguist, Pompeu Fabra. He was an expert on the Catalan language and gave it the status it is known by today.

This tertiary institution is known for quality education in courses in the social sciences, biosciences, communication, humanities, health, and ICT. The Pompeu Fabra has 3 campuses in the city of Barcelona: the social and human sciences located at Ciutadella, health and life sciences located at Mar, finally, the communication and IT at Poblenou.


There are a lot of international universities, tertiary institutions, and business schools in Spain that offer higher standard education in the English language, Spain, or bilingual education.

These universities use credit structures and awards degrees that are accepted globally. These institutions host a vast number of international students and are accredited by international bodies. In this article, we described the best universities in Spain and the possibilities they offer.

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