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Best schools in the Netherlands to send your children to

The precise school for your children is an important choice that will have an impact on their educational path. There are several great schools to take into consideration in the Netherlands, which is known for its top-notch educational system. We present a selected list of the top schools in the Netherlands in this article based on their academic prowess, cutting-edge pedagogical approaches, extracurricular programmes, and general reputation. These schools offer a stimulating environment for your children’s education and personal development whether you’re a local or an expatriate.

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  1. The International School of Amsterdam

The International School of Amsterdam (ISA) is well known for providing an education with a worldwide perspective. It offers a thorough curriculum that blends demanding academics with a strong focus on creating cross-cultural awareness and an international outlook. For students from all backgrounds, ISA’s seasoned faculty, cutting-edge facilities, and diverse student body provide an engaging environment.

  1. British School in the Netherlands

A prestigious school with a strong focus on academic performance is the British School in the Netherlands (BSN). The BSN offers a wide range of extracurricular activities and adheres to the English National Curriculum. It has campuses in The Hague, Voorschoten, and Leidschenveen. The school also lays a lot of emphasis on helping students grow their leadership abilities and discover their unique talents.

  1. The Amsterdam International Community School

The Amsterdam International Community School (AICS) is a renowned institution that caters to the unique needs of internationally mobile students. With locations in Amsterdam Zuid and Amstelveen, AICS offers a comprehensive education from primary to secondary levels. The school follows the IB curriculum and fosters a multicultural and inclusive learning environment.

  1. The Rotterdam International Secondary School

In the Netherlands, the Rotterdam International Secondary School (RISS) is a well-known institution dedicated to academic excellence and all-around growth. RISS offers the IB Diploma Programme and offers a variety of extracurricular activities for students, including athletics, the arts, and community service. The focus on individualised instruction at the institution encourages autonomy for learners and personal development.

  1. The Lycée Vincent van Gogh

In The Hague, there is a notable bilingual Dutch-French school called Lycée Vincent van Gogh. The school offers the finest of both the Dutch and French educational systems, emphasizing academic rigour and bilingual education. The Lycée Vincent van Gogh prepares pupils to seek further education possibilities in both France and the Netherlands by preparing them for the French Baccalaureate and the Dutch diploma.

  1. The International School Eindhoven

A prestigious institution in the southern Netherlands is The International School Eindhoven (ISE). The IB Diploma Programme is part of the extensive curriculum offered by ISE, which also offers a welcoming and inclusive learning environment for its students. ISE equips its students for future difficulties in a world that is changing quickly by placing a high emphasis on STEM education and using cutting-edge teaching techniques.

  1. The Dutch International Schools

Throughout the Netherlands, there is a network of schools called the Dutch International Schools (DIS). Both local kids looking for an international curriculum and youngsters from abroad receive a good education from these institutions. The IB or Cambridge curriculum is followed by DIS, and its multicultural setting promotes intercultural understanding and global awareness.

  1. The Utrecht International School

In the thriving city of Utrecht, the Utrecht International School (UIS) offers a top-notch education. The school offers a welcoming learning atmosphere for students from various backgrounds while adhering to the IB curriculum. UIS prepares students for success in higher education and beyond by placing a strong emphasis on cooperation, creativity, and critical thinking.


There are many outstanding possibilities to think about while selecting the ideal school for your children in the Netherlands. The institutions listed below are the pinnacle of what the nation has to offer in terms of academic prowess, cutting-edge pedagogy, and a supportive environment. You may give your kids a strong foundation for their academic and personal development by choosing a school from this list, guaranteeing they have a bright future.

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