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Europe: best cities to reside

European flag

When compiling the list, we paid attention to such factors as:

  • political environment,
  • social and economic spheres;
  • crime level;
  • the quality of medical care;
  • the quality of education;
  • water and electricity supply;
  • transport infrastructure and public transport;
  • sports development;
  • ecology and fresh air

Loyalty to immigrants

Germany, Denmark, Spain pose many extremely difficult conditions for migrants.

At the same time, several European countries are offering special investment programs for migrants. You can become a participant in the program by investing a certain amount in the development of the national economy, obtaining the status of a residence permit, and in some countries, permanent residence, or even immediate citizenship. For example, European countries like Malta, Great Britain, Austria, Portugal, Switzerland, Hungary, Spain, Cyprus, Greece.

Best city for quality of life

Vienna (Austria) repeatedly ranks first in the ratings of the “10 best cities in the world” in terms of quality of life. Central location in Europe, stable economy, excellent ecology, personal safety of citizens, perfect legislation – these is the main advantages of Austria. Many wealthy foreigners would like to open a company in Austria or buy real estate there as a profitable investment.

It is also an ideal city for study – Vienna’s universities have always been among the leaders of European education. This option is suitable for wealthy people who are ready to participate in the Austrian investment program.

The best city to do business

Many experts put London (UK) in first place in the EU for the ease of starting a business and call it the business capital of Europe. The London administration has made the business environment as easy as possible. It is especially beneficial to develop or invest in the IT sector here.

red double-decker bus passing Palace of Westminster, London during daytime

Besides, the standard of living in London is one of the highest in Europe. World-famous universities are located here. It is possible to obtain a residence permit here for about four months. You can visit more than 100 countries without any visa. It will be useful for wealthy businessmen who can afford to invest a significant part of the money for getting the residence. 

The best city to buy real estate

This year Lisbon (Portugal) has confidently entered the top ten European cities attractive for real estate buyers. Commercial real estate in Portugal is in great demand among foreigners. And most of the investments fell on Lisbon. Considering that in this country you can get a residence permit for the purchase of the real estate of 500 thousand euros, this is a good option for buying real estate in Europe.

Real estate in the city is becoming more expensive, as is the cost of renting luxury offices. At the same time, Lisbon is in the top 50 in the ranking of cities with a high quality of life. Doing business here is not so hard, and the expenses for a family can be about 2 000 EUR per month.

Best city in terms of accessibility

To settle in Budapest (Hungary) and obtain permanent residence or citizenship here, you do not need as much money as in other European countries. You should invest at least 300 000 EUR in the economy of Hungary.

There are many historical sites and old buildings in Budapest. The standard of living and social benefits in this city corresponds to the average European level. However, the costs of services, apartments and other products are lower. Also, the status of permanent residence or Hungarian citizenship allows you to freely move around other EU countries, which is important for businessmen.

The city with the greatest potential

Athens (Greece) is considered a profitable city for investing and doing business. To overcome the crisis, the Greek government simplified the taxation system as much as possible, which attracts investors from all over the world to the country. Right now it is hard to predict the economy in Greece. However, many specialists think about the potential of the country. In addition to being called an open-air museum, Athens has the lowest taxes in Europe. The cost of living here is one of the most affordable in the EU, but the products and services correspond to the European level of quality.

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