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Belgium: how to get passport

Flag of Belgium

After 3 years of legal residence in the country, in comparison with, other EU countries. The positive aspect of obtaining a Belgian passport is the fact that you do not have to give up your first citizenship.

Not all European countries are allowed to have dual citizenship. Belgian citizenship will allow you to reside in any EU country, travel without restrictions, and use all services on an equal basis with Europeans.

How you can get a Belgium passport?

By birth

Anyone born in the territory of this country can obtain Belgian citizenship.


The terms of obtaining citizenship in Belgium by naturalization are very short among all EU countries – 3 years. The number of those people who want to have Belgian citizenship is increasing every year. In addition, for some categories of persons (refugees, stateless persons, and spouses of Belgian citizens), the legislation provides for a reduction in this waiting period for citizenship.

Business in Belgium

Business in Belgium is one of the ways to obtain the status of a Belgian citizen. You must have lived in the state for at least 7 years. A businessperson must necessarily create a group enterprise, have a minimum start-up capital of 12,500 euros, and he/she must have an annual income of 35,000 euros, respectively.

Investment in the Belgian economy

The amount of investment is not limited in any way. You need to invest at least € 350,000 to run the company and cover operating expenses. 

The costs associated with setting up a company include the direct costs of setting up € 10-20 thousand, an annual renewal fee of € 5,000, rent of about € 6,000 per year, administrative and operating costs of about € 1,000 per year, salaries, and other expenses.

After 5 years in the country, you will be able to obtain Belgian citizenship.

Primary requirements:

  • Open/buy a company with an office and get a job there. This allows non-EU citizens to show strong ties to the country.
  • Register an official address in Belgium by buying or renting real estate and paying bills regularly.


Obtaining Belgian citizenship through marriage involves living with a Belgian partner from 6 months (on the territory of the state) to 3 years (living abroad).

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The process of obtaining a Belgian passport

After three to five years of legal and permanent residence in Belgium, a permanent resident can apply for a Belgian passport and become an EU citizen. 

The following conditions:

  • Have a permanent residence in Belgium for the last 2 years before applying for Belgian citizenship;
  • Proof of legal residence in Belgium;
  • Register with your local population register;
  • Know French / Dutch / German;
  • Know the lifestyle of Belgium, the history of the country;
  • Be socially and economically integrated;
  • Be a decent citizen, do not break the law, never be tried
  • Have no debts to the tax and other authorities

Belgium Passport cost

The state fee for obtaining Belgian citizenship is 500 euros. However, persons wishing to obtain Belgian citizenship should take into account that this amount does not include services that accompany the process of considering documents. Services are paid separately, and the total cost of Belgian citizenship is more than 1,000 euros.

Remember that if you make a transfer through a bank, then the bank charges a fee for the transfer of money. After consideration, you need to pay the passport fee. A standard passport will cost around 65 euros


Time to get Belgium Passport

The standard term for processing documents for obtaining Belgian citizenship is 12 months. If during this period, the applicant for citizenship is summoned to the consulate for an additional interview, attendance is strictly required. Otherwise, further consideration of the applicant’s documentation may be refused.

List of required documents for obtaining a Belgian citizenship

To successfully resolve the situation with the filing of an application for joining the ranks of Belgian passport, it is necessary to prepare the necessary documentation in advance. The list of documents for Belgian citizenship is set out below:

  • Passport;
  • Identity card of a citizen (photocopy and original document);
  • Valid international passport (original and copies of completed pages);
  • Valid residence permit;
  • Birth certificate;
  • 2 photos (color, image size – 3.5 x 4.5, face as close as possible, background – light, without light spots or frames);
  • Application for the status of a Belgian citizen (to be completed in French, Dutch or German);
  • Detailed autobiography of the applicant;
  • Documents for personal or rented residential property;
  • Certificate of successful passing of the exam to determine the level of knowledge of one of the official languages ​​of Belgium (French, Dutch, German);
  • An extract from the individual bank account of the applicant for Belgian citizenship, confirming the availability of funds sufficient to live in this country;
  • Documents on the civil status of the applicant;
  • Documents proving that the resident has officially lived in Belgium for 5 or more years (addresses of places of residence, bank account history, etc.);
  • Confirmation of social integration – certificates of employment, documents confirming studies at a university, etc.;
  • Acts proving the Belgian origin of the applicant;
  • Fiscal details confirming the presence of investments aimed at the development of the Belgian economy;
  • A document certifying that the applicant is legally married to a resident of Belgium;

A package of photocopies of all documents from the above list. Photocopies must be certified by a notary and translated into one of the official languages ​​of Belgium.


Belgium is a popular country for immigration; people from all over the world dream to move here. This is due to high living standards, a warm climate, and a nice environment for investment and business. If you want to obtain a Belgian Passport, then our company will help you with this.

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