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Attractions of Buenos Aires. Guide to iconic places.

Buenos Aires is the busiest city in South America, and life never stops here. On the street Avenida Corrientes, there are cafes, cinemas, and shops that are open 24/7. 

The capital of Argentina has a clear European charm, the spirit of Paris, Rome, and Madrid is felt here. Almost three million people live in Buenos Aires, and if you take into account the population of the suburbs, even more than 12 million.

Why Buenos Aires?

Buenos Aires has a huge number of attractions for all ages and tastes. Art lovers will find in this city many different museums, galleries, theaters, and architectural monuments. For lovers of nightlife, the dynamic metropolis will offer noisy clubs and discos. Buenos Aires also has many cozy parks. Here you can get real pleasure from visiting museums, restaurants, beautiful monuments and tango shows.

Plaza de Mayo

Plaza de Mayo is the heart of Buenos Aires. The city’s most significant buildings are located here, for example, the Cabildo, which housed the city’s authorities during the colonial era, the Cathedral, the Town Hall, and the La Casa Rosada building.

La Casa Rosada (Pink House)

It is also known as the Palacio de Gobierno (Government Palace), is the seat of the Argentine government. It is located in the Plaza de Mayo. Buenos Aires has a large number of parks. The 3rd February park is perhaps the largest of these, starting in the Palermo quarter and extending further towards the northern border of the city. Near the Park on February 3rd, there is a zoo and a planetarium, as well as some of the most interesting places for recreation: the Andalusian courtyard, the Danish rose garden, and the Japanese pavilion. There are also several interesting museums not far from the park.

Shopping in Buenos Aires

The best shopping in Buenos Aires is in Calle Florida, a pedestrianized area. However, the street lined with numerous boutiques and shopping centers is of interest not only for shoppers but also for connoisseurs of architecture.

San Telmo

San Telmo is a colorful, semi-bohemian quarter with antique shops, colonial architecture, and many old churches (for example, the Church of San Pedro Telmo). Some streets here are still paved with stone paving stones. It is best to visit San Telmo on Sunday, when the Plaza Dorrego. Argentine tango lovers should definitely visit the famous tango cafes in San Telmo such as El Viejo Almacén, Michelangelo, La Casa Blanca and La Casa Rosada.

Puerto Madero

Puerto Madero, a former port area located on the banks of the Rio de la Plata, was built between 1888 and 1897. It is currently the most modern entertainment district in the city center. The former port is now home to restaurants and shops. Whether you want to stroll along the harbor promenade, dine well, or shop, Puerto Madero is the perfect place to go.

La Boca

La Boca is the most vibrant neighborhood in Buenos Aires. It was built by Italian immigrants along the Riachuelo, a winding canal lined with warehouses and meat processing factories. La Boca is best known for its original tin houses painted in vibrant colors. A wide variety of works of art are on sale everywhere here. The quarter is full of souvenir shops, pubs, and restaurants. Here you can feel the influence of Italian culture everywhere. The special atmosphere is what attracts hundreds of tourists to La Boca every day.

Nightlife in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is famous for its nightlife; on its territory, you can find the most diverse clubs and bars. Dance lovers can easily find a suitable disco; tango shows and theme parties are held in many nightlife venues.

Graceful wrought-iron staircases, marble floors, and the shape of the interiors – each element of the decor recalls the style of past centuries.

Music lovers should visit the Plazma club, which often hosts performances by popular musical groups. The Fugees 99 club is open for hip-hop fans all night long. Moreover, exhibitions of contemporary artists, and exciting dance music shows are organized here often.

The La Trastienda nightclub has become a permanent resting place for world stars; here you can have fun and enjoy wonderful music until the early morning. Guests will also enjoy an excellent selection of drinks in the bar, the assortment of cocktails is regularly updated, and branded snacks deserve the highest praise. If you like to have fun and drink some beer you are very welcome to Pubs. For instance, Kilkenny’s is very famous for tourists.  

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