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Applying for a visa to Poland – full guide

The sort of visa (travel pass) you will need to Poland depends upon why you’re going there. In this way, before you apply for a visa, you should initially decide the sort you need and how to get it.

Poland visa types

Depending on why you wish to go to Poland, there are many different kinds of visas available. These are the several categories of Polish visas:

Schengen pass

You must get a Polish tourist pass if your planned stay in Poland is fewer than 90 days. If you plan to go to Poland for leisure, business, or even medical care, this pass is ideal. Because it enables the bearer to travel to all other Schengen nations throughout the pass’s validity term, it is known as a Schengen pass.

Work permit

You must apply for a Polish work pass if you wish to work in Poland. You must be employed by someone who will apply for a work permit on your behalf at the neighborhood voivodeship office, which is Polish for municipal office. Depending on the length and kind of your activity, there are many sorts of work permits. Only once your employer issues you a work permit can you begin working.

Study pass

You must apply for a Polish student visa and a student residency permit if you are from a non-EU nation and have been admitted to a university in Poland.

Family pass

You must apply for a Polish family visa if you wish to go to Poland to be with your spouse or parents. You may work in Poland for the duration of the family visa’s two-year validity. A marriage certificate is required for couples and a birth or adoption certificate is required for minor children as confirmation of your family status.

How to get a visa for Poland

To apply for a pass to Poland, you must do the following:

Find the local Polish embassy

You may apply for a Poland pass at the Polish embassy/consulate in your nation or neighboring nation. You can also use the embassy/consulate of another Schengen nation handling Poland’s pass applications through an agreement. Private visa services contracted by the Polish embassy for streamlined visa application assistance can also be used.

Schedule a visa interview

Setting up a visa appointment at the embassy is necessary. At least two weeks before your anticipated trip, you must apply for the Poland visa appointment. Furthermore, on the e-konsulat (Poland’s consular website), you may set up a visa appointment, finish the visa application form, and pay the price. Also, downloading and attaching the application form to the other supporting documents is required. However, please be aware that even after making an appointment and paying the money online, you must still provide your paperwork to the Polish embassy or consulate in person.

Gather the necessary documentation

Documents needed to apply for a pass to Poland include:

The application for a pass to Poland

Fill out the application thoroughly and append your signature.


You must provide two images of yourself the size of a passport. The photos must be 35x40mm in size and have a white backdrop per Poland’s pass photo requirements.

Your ID card

At least three months must pass after the return date for it to be valid.

Schengen travel medical coverage

It must cover at least €30,000 and be valid in Poland and the whole Schengen region.

Resume letter

Send a letter outlining your itinerary and visit’s goal.

Evidence of accommodations

You should have hotel reservations made or a letter from a friend or relative offering to host you while you are in Poland.

Financial capability

You must provide evidence of having enough money to cover your expenses throughout your stay in Poland. You need to pay around €16 per day as a minimum.

Receipt for visa fees paid

If the embassy requests payment in advance, you must provide the receipt.

Submitting the pass application directly

Send the visa application and any remaining administrative papers to the embassy/consulate on the day of your appointment. Remember all the conditions or your application can be dismissed immediately.

Going to the visa interview

An interview is often necessary as part of the Schengen pass application process. The interview procedure gives the interviewers the chance to learn more about you, including the details of your visit.

Await the processing of the Polish pass

The minute your visa application and supporting papers are received by the embassy or consulate, the processing period starts. The period may be extended if you are required to provide further supporting documentation.

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