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Afghanistan: immigration and residence


However, the actual situation is not so optimistic. The doors of not all countries are wide open for migrants. Most developed countries have strong migration policies, and they can rightly be called inaccessible for relocation.

Where is it easier to get permanent residence?

First of all, it is worth paying attention to proposals of states where special programs for immigrants operate. Moving there for permanent residence is many times easier and cheaper.

  • In Europe, the easiest way to arrange a permanent residence in Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Malta, and Cyprus;
  • Switzerland, Great Britain, and Austria are attractive. But more stringent conditions;
  • If we consider options outside Europe, then the Caribbean countries are loyal to migrants: Saint Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, and Grenada.


If we talk about simplicity, then according to this criterion, Hungary is in the lead in Europe. By funding 300,000 euros, you will receive permanent residence for all family members within 6 months.

The conditions of the Caribbean countries are also attractive. For investments in the amount of 250-300 thousand dollars (plus 40-60 thousand for registration and the same for each family member), it is easy to get not only a permanent residence but also citizenship. Terms – from 2 to 8 months.


How to get permanent residence?

In all of these countries, there are special migration programs that allow you to obtain permanent residence. There are several such ways:

  • Investments in the country’s economy;
  • Buying real estate in the state;
  • Obtaining permanent residence (that is, after several years).


The choice of the correct path depends on your capabilities and specific country. For example, if you choose investment paths, then Hungary offers the best conditions. Here you can get permanent residence in 6 months. In other countries – at least 5 years later. And in the most developed countries – after 10 years.

Which country is comfortable to live in?

So, we have identified some countries where it is easier to obtain permanent residence due to special programs for migrants. According to experts of the international project “Network of Sustainable Development Solutions” (“Earth Institute” under the auspices of the United Nations), Switzerland leads the ranking of the happiest countries in the world in 2015. The level of GDP per capita, the level of corruption, civil liberties, job security, a sense of security, and confidence in the future, are taken into account.

Where is the safest place? 

Austria is the leader in it. According to researchers, the country is economically stable and attractive in terms of investment. Here is the highest level of education, medicine, transport, and social security. However, to get permanent residence here, you need to be well provided for – the amount of investment in the economy here is 8 million euros!

Having bought real estate in Portugal for 500 thousand euros, you receive a residence permit and after 5 years apply for permanent residence or citizenship.


Where is the optimal cost of living?

This year, the Numbeo portal conducted a Cost of Living Index 2015 study to analyze which countries are the most expensive and cheapest to live in. Switzerland turned out to be the most costly in Europe and the world.

It is worth knowing that permanent residence here can only be obtained after 10 years of being in the status of a residence permit. And the amount of investment for obtaining this status is measured at 100 thousand francs per year in taxes. But it might be worth living in a country with the best banking system in the world.

Hungary is the most accessible in the ranking. Here are some of the most affordable housing prices in the EU. Buying an apartment can cost 30-40 thousand euros. Renting a spacious house – 400 euros. Moreover, the quality of food is high. It also applies to services in the social sphere, education. Reasonable prices in Portugal: a married couple will have enough 2 thousand euros per month for life.


In which country is it easier to open a business?

In the World Bank’s Doing Business rating, the United Kingdom is one of the leaders in opening a company. However, the level of taxes is one of the highest in Europe. This is a kind of “payment” for the stability of the British economy.

Certain European countries offer more favorable conditions for doing business. For example, the easiest way to register a commercial property is in Portugal. And from the point of view of business regulation, Spain offers the freest conditions.

Adaptation to another country

Convenient living in the country also depends on the ease of conversion of your family. Climate, mentality, and language are significant. When deciding where to leave for permanent residence in Afghanistan, you radically change the language and cultural environment. Therefore, you should take care of learning a new language for yourself in advance.

The closest to us in mentality and living standards are Hungary, Bulgaria, and Slovakia, Czech Republic. It is in these countries that adaptation will be easier. But it should be in mind that Slovakia and the Czech Republic are extremely scrupulous in migration policy, and it is very difficult to get permanent residence there.

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