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Madrid: student guide to live

One of the main questions after admission is the housing search. Parents have to choose between a student residence and a room in an apartment with other students. Of course, every family’s budget plays an important role, but comfort and tranquility are also important.

Fortunately, you may not have to go through the intimidating experience of discovering student accommodations. We’ve put together crucial tips to help you navigate the process with ease.

Dormitory for students in Madrid

The student dormitory, in turn, is assigned to an active organization, be it religious, sports, or otherwise. Also, students have the opportunity to participate in socio-cultural events, such as internal competitions in any sport or excursion.

For example, the Complutense University of Madrid includes more than 40 student residences. One of the most famous is the Colegio Mayor Mara, which is an exclusively female hostel. Also, in popularity, the purely male hostel – Colegio Mayor Mendel – is not lagging. Both are associated with religious communities and select future residents by prior registration and a completed application form.

The cost of each room depends on the dorm. On average it is 500-600 euros per month.  Typically, students spend their first year in a student residence where they meet fellow students. And the next year, they move together to an apartment, where everyone rents a separate room. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to pay for the first year of study in a dormitory, so renting a room is the most reasonable alternative.

On the Internet, you can find all the information you need on sites such as Idealista or Segundamano. The center of Madrid is more costly than other areas of the city, but most students tend to stay in the center. The most famous and popular districts among university students: Argüelles, Moncloa, Sol, Plaza de España. In these areas, room prices average from 350 euros.

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How to get student housing in Madrid

Before you start looking for or settling for affordable housing, it’s significant to do your research and think about what matters to you.

There are many things you need to consider before settling on any accommodation:


  • Do a meticulous research

Check student life, security, rental prices, available transportation, traffic, and general convenience. Make sure you look at the property with an open mind. Examine your home for signs of mold or dirt, especially if it’s a private home.

If you are considering setting up a dorm on campus, find out if there are cleaners in public areas or if you have to rely on those in your hall to clean up after you.  


  •  Choose the price that satisfies your preferences

The student residence has a variety of pricing options. There is one to suit every budget. You must set your budget to know and keep track of the bills you may have to pay.


  • Begin your research ahead

The competition for property rooms and homes can be intense. If you don’t want someone else to take your absolute residence, you need to start looking early. 


Also, research for accommodation will allow you to get the best prices and offers. If you are starting your program in October, we recommend starting your search between January and March.


  • Weigh the pluses and minuses 

List the options available and note the positive and negative aspects. While finding the perfect home is nearly impossible as each option has its drawbacks, some options are better than others.


  • Analyze the most valuable

Verify if the residence in question has the main factors of the bedroom and kitchen so that you do not have to buy already installed items.


  • Make yourself obvious

The easiest and fastest way to secure housing is to create a list of people. Upload your photo to others to see.


  • Never pay anyone in advance

Do not send money to anyone without any agreement. Beware of scammers trying to make money easily. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!


  • Get in touch with trusted housing providers

There are many student placement sites, but not all of them are legal. So if you stumble upon a site that deals with renting property to students, make sure you check to see if the site looks good or is all for show.


Also, check if the company has existing partnerships with institutions you can contact, including other universities or colleges. As you read, you will see a list of Madrid accommodation providers.


Student discounts in Madrid

With a student ticket, you can purchase a better-priced suggestion. Students who have not yet turned 26 can ride around Zone A in any vehicle for € 20 per month. Of course, this is beneficial only for those who do not live in the center and have to use public transport frequently.

Many museums can be visited free of charge or at a good discount. Information can be viewed on the website of the institution you are interested in. On Wednesdays, anyone (not just a student) can go to the movies at a discount. Most often, it reaches 50%, so it makes sense to plan your trip to the cinema for this very day.

Unfortunately, there are not so many student discounts in Madrid, so it would be much more profitable to purchase an additional card – Carné Joven. It costs only 4 euros, and you will get the opportunity at a lower price to visit the museum and cultural centers. Also, it is possible to take part in various events, as well as go to some restaurants at a discount.

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