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Getting an employment visa in Canada

Work permit

To obtain this type of visa in Canada, you need to have high work qualifications. That is, representatives of professions requiring special or higher education, who have at least several years of experience in their specialty.

For low-skilled workers (salespeople, hairdressers, support staff, drivers, etc.), the possibility of immigration to Canada is very low.

Of course, there are different situations but in general, the procedure for issuing immigration documents directly depends on the age, level of education, work experience in the specialty, the demand for a profession in Canada, as well as knowledge of one or two-state languages ​​of the country.

Working visa in Canada

As a rule, a work visa is valid only for the period of performance of their labor duties. It allows you to work in the state, and after three years the candidate can even apply for citizenship. To obtain it, you will have to do the following:

Pass a test for knowledge of English with a score of at least six and a half points out of nine and receive an international IELTS certificate. It is advisable to prepare in advance for the exam;

  • Have an invitation from the employer;
  • Have a job experience of at least one year;
  • Have references from previous jobs;
  • Undergo a medical examination of the state of health in a specialized commission.

Documents required to obtain a Canadian work visa

In addition to personal papers: passport, diplomas, confirmation of work experience in the specialty – the applicant needs to have an invitation from a Canadian employer. This is a permit for a foreign worker to enter Canada, which has passed all preliminary checks by the Department of Employment and Human Resources of Canada, as well as the Department of Migration and Citizenship of Canada.

One of the main difficulties in finding a company that wants, and most importantly, has the legal right to invite a non-resident of Canada to work.

An important point: Immigration Canada considers only documented work experience.


Canadian work visa processing time

Having decided to get a Canadian work permit, please be patient: the procedure will take at least several months.

As a rule, the registration process lasts two to four months. Most of the time is spent preparing and passing documents in the ministries. Therefore, to hope for a positive decision of both ministries, it is necessary to carefully and correctly do the preparatory work.

Work visa application procedure

After obtaining a work permit, it is necessary to collect additional documents for the Embassy and undergo a mandatory medical examination. Additionally, an interview at the Canadian Embassy may be required. After that, you can already wait for a decision from the Kanaly Embassy. Do not forget about the amount of the visa fee, which must be paid. It is 150 Canadian dollars.


Canada is a country with a high standard of living. Therefore, the government is interested in qualified professionals. If you have the necessary education, some experience, and knowledge of English or French, then be sure that you can get a Canadian work visa easily. Moreover, after three years you will be able to obtain Canadian citizenship.

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