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South Korea: about the golden years

Flag of South Korea

South Korea is a thrilling and modern option that a lot of Western retirees consider. Whether you’re a Brit, an American, or an Australian, South Korea is a dream destination if you’re into technology, culture, and new exploits. Even though it’s not an economical country, you can get it by using your pension, know-how, and a little creativity.

Its currency is the South Korean won. It’s represented by the coded message KRW or the symbol ₩.


The cost of livelihood in South Korea

South Korea is home to some of the most precious areas in the world, especially its capital, Seoul. Surviving there economically is simple if you have a lot of finances, or if you have great ways to save on currency exchange. One way is through Wise, which you can use to transfer funds into a South Korean original bank account and save on international tariffs. Wise uses the real exchange rate and applies a low fixed figure­ leaving you with further cash to enjoy your retirement.

Life in South Korea

The cosmopolis of South Korea, where the utmost people live, has some of the world’s topmost population viscosity. The capital municipality, Seoul, is home to 10 million people. In summer, the climate is humid and cold, and dry during the winter. Average temperatures in July are 24 °C (75 °F) and­4 °C (25 °F) in January.

You’ll find a range of temperatures depending on the season. Multitudinous tourists enjoy visiting in spring when the climate is affable and moderate. South Korea is fully geared toward retirees with an adventuresome side. You can find the food you wouldn’t generally eat on another side of the world; goods like pork skin, and raw river worm. However, there’s a cornucopia of succulent bibimbap and bulgogi.

You’ll come across a thriving ex­pat community in cosmopolis like Seoul and Incheon. So if you’re looking for cultural meetups, non-fictional excursions to galleries and mileposts, or junkets with shopping buddies, you’ll find them in South Korea. Outside of the cosmopolites, you’ll find areas with great natural beauty. Koreans and ex­pats likewise enjoy visiting hot springs and exploring traditional eastern medicinal practices.

aerial view photography of city

The nice places to retire in South Korea

The leading 5 destinations to think about retirement in South Korea are:

  • Seoul.
  • Busan.
  • Cheonan.
  • Incheon.
  • Geoje Island.

Seoul is South Korea’s capital. Also, you’ll find the country’s largest attention to foreigners. Violent road crime is truly rare there, but because of the high rubberneck attention, you may run into a pickpocket or two. Seoul has endless galleries, cafes, and a thriving performance. It’s also a global shopping capital.

Busan is the alternate­ largest municipality in South Korea. It’s a large harborage municipality with a laid­back sense. The municipality is home to three major beaches and is known to be truly safe for strangers and dwellers likewise. There’s no deficiency in festivals and cultural events.

Cheonan is a municipality that links to Seoul on the sanctum. It’s a university municipality and also hosts the headquarters of multitudinous global technology companies, and allows you to escape a little bit of the bustle of Seoul.

Incheon borders Seoul. Still, it has its own distinctive sense ­there’s a golf course and a kiosk, and a large fish market that hosts multitudinous tours. You can encounter several islands and beaches from Incheon.

Geoje Islet lies off the southern coast of South Korea. On it, you can explore mountains and beaches. Tiny islands are marvelous for exploring, and you can feel like you’ve truly escaped from the world. Still, the island is linked to the mainland by cross-bridges and a car will get you to Busan.


South Korea may not be the smoothest destination to retire to but it’s a fun and vigorous place to call home. One can discover fellow ex-pats, adventure buddies, and a host of new life exploits.

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