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Main reasons why visas in São Tomé and Príncipe get denied

Unless they are from one of the countries that are free from visa requirements, visitors coming to this nation must get a visa beforehand either online or via one of the country’s diplomatic posts.

Reasons why São Tomé and Príncipe reject visa applications

The following explanations are just a few of the grounds the diplomatic missions this country may use to deny a visa application:

Damaged passport

A visa application might be turned down if your passport has not been kept up to par. Missing or detached passport pages, cracked or damaged passport covers, and more are examples of this kind of circumstance.

Application shortcomings and inconsistent data

The visa application form must be completed in its entirety on all fronts. Every field has to be filled out accurately. There are instructions in every section, just in case, something doesn’t apply to you. If you don’t provide all the required information, your visa application may be denied. Therefore, take great care while inputting the data to avoid any problems with data mismatch or spelling errors. Any inconsistencies in the data will result in the rejection of applications.

The trip’s objective or motivation is questionable

One of the main reasons the consular office would reject your application for a visa is the lack of necessary evidence to substantiate your planned voyage and stay. This can be because you can’t show how your employment and professional expertise match up with your financial situation, or you can’t show why you’re traveling to and staying in São Tomé and Príncipe.

There is no evidence to support accommodations.

If the applicant cannot provide proof of accommodation for their period spent in this nation, their visa application will be denied. A letter of support from family or friends who provided housing, or confirmation of previously booked lodging, are both acceptable forms of proof of lodging. This must also be supplied with a copy of the local sponsor’s current passport or identification. Always provide the address in So Tomé and Principe.

Crime-related motives

You are seen as a threat to the country if you have committed a crime. Your application will be declined as a consequence. You should not have any criminal convictions to get a visa.

Reasons that are not favorable

Due to the applicant’s actions, character, connections, or other circumstances, the public interest will not be served by their presence in the country, which will result in the visa’s approval being rejected or withdrawn. This includes convictions that don’t fit the definition of a crime.

Without money justification

The candidate must provide proof of their ability to sustain themselves financially during their stay in this country. You might use bank statements or Visa cards as examples. If the applicant cannot show that they will be able to take care of themselves while in this country, their visa application won’t be approved.

Absence of a letter of approval from parents or a spouse

A letter of consent from the spouse must be shown if a married individual is traveling alone. A letter of authorization from the parent is also required if a minor will be traveling alone. If any of these parties fail to send this letter, their visa applications will be rejected.

Tax owed

Visas would be denied to anybody whose records indicate that they owe taxes. The applicant should provide a certification that there are no tax arrears in the home country as proof that he or she has paid the national tax for the preceding year.

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