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About the living in Amsterdam

City in Netherlands

It is located on the shores of the North Sea, so there is no sharp temperature drop in the city: in summer there is about +20 ° C, and in winter – up to +4 ° C.

The city has a reputation as a place where it rains constantly: statistically, Amsterdam has 182 rainy days a year. However, the weather can change several times a day. I am from St. Petersburg – according to my feelings, there is not much rain in Amsterdam. Locals, on the other hand, constantly discuss how terrible the endless rain is.

In the popular rating of the quality of life in the cities of the world, which is made by the company Mercer, Amsterdam is in 11th place. Research by consulting companies shows that Amsterdam is the healthiest city in the world in several dimensions: work-life balance, vacation days, water and air quality, and longevity.

The pros of living in Amsterdam

  • Most Dutch people are open and friendly people who speak English. Besides, many cities are home to large expat communities.
  • A strong economy and a good geographic location make it possible to run a profitable business in the Netherlands.
  • Holland is a very democratic, free, and tolerant country.
  • Ideal transport infrastructure including many cycle paths.
  • The country has a low crime rate, a transparent legal system, and virtually no corruption.
  • It is very beautiful in Amsterdam, in the cities, there are many canals and well-groomed parks.
  • Quality medicine and an effective education system.

According to the London research institute Legatum Institute, the Netherlands is in the TOP 10 countries with the best medicine in the world, ahead of such developed countries as Germany and France. All residents must have basic health insurance that covers basic health care services, including long-term chronic illness care and mental health care.

The annual health care spending in the Netherlands exceeds 10 percent of GDP. On average, one resident accounts for about 4 thousand euros. Almost all Dutch doctors speak excellent English, which makes healthcare in the Netherlands available to many foreigners. For services such as dentistry and physical therapy, there is additional health insurance or cash payment.

In conclusion, we note that the average life expectancy at birth in Holland in 2021 is 81 years, while men live about 80 years, and women – 83.

structures near body of water

Cons of living in Amsterdam

The main disadvantage of the city is the huge number of tourists. In 2017, 17 million tourists visited Amsterdam, with less than a million people living in the city. More and more people come to Amsterdam every year.

The city is so overcrowded with tourists that local authorities are trying to restrain their influx: for example, they imposed a fine of 95 € (8401 R) for drinking alcohol on the central streets and suspends the construction of hotels and souvenir shops.

The center of Amsterdam is dirty due to tourists and parties. Cleaners do not have time to remove all the garbage – overcrowded bins and gateways exude unpleasant odors.

In Amsterdam, I like caring for the environment: sorting waste and gradually reducing the use of plastic. The Dutch themselves are surprised by their ability to ride a bicycle in any weather and not get sick. In the city, I just like to walk along the canals and go to bookstores, where it is easy to find books in English.

  • High taxes and rental costs.
  • Some foreigners are unhappy with the customer support services and the general service sector in Holland, including restaurants and hotels.
  • There are many rules and unwritten codes of conduct in Amsterdam that you shouldn’t go beyond. You can understand what we are talking about only after a long stay in the country.
  • Few parking spaces, traffic jams, and incredible traffic fines.
  • It is very difficult for foreigners from third countries, including Russia and Ukraine, to find legal work in the Netherlands.
  • Holland has a lot of people per square kilometer. The western part of the country is especially densely populated.
  • From October to April, a humid climate prevails in Amsterdam, and in summer the weather can change dramatically in just a few hours.

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