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Iceland: best hotels review

Flag of Iceland

Iceland has geothermal locations that create many warm baths in the middle of the fields. Also the hot waters from underground gush out of the ground in many places. Food in Iceland is very good as fishing is quite the practice when you live on an island. Lamb is also very popular in Iceland therefore many restaurants will offer a lamb in various forms.

Best hotels in Iceland

As Iceland is a very expensive country, people who are looking for accommodation must know that the overall stay will be much more expensive, than in other countries. The hotels, on the other hand, comply with the price in the level of quality and the nature around it.

A big reason to travel and live in the most expensive hotels is that they are most often located next to something that the nature of Iceland offers and is worth spending more money for.

For example, the famous Blue Lagoon in Iceland has a hotel right next to it, which makes the experience of soothing and warm waters feel like no worry at all. Also, hotels are built with many options to enjoy the northern lights with glass ceilings and special places to see the natural phenomenon. Iceland hotels tend to also be very inspired by nature as the hotels have even a grass roof and 360 views around the oasis of Iceland.

Overall the hotels in this country have plenty of things to offer and they often times will cover their worth on a financial level with the experience they offer. In the following paragraphs see the best hotels that are located around Iceland and check to see, which ones suit best for your trip.

The Retreat Hotel at Blue Lagoon

The Retreat Hotel is located right next to Iceland’s treasured – Blue Lagoon. This hotel has modern and relaxation-focused suites that offer complete calmness as the windows are large and offer a view of the blue waters. There is a spa that is located in the hotel and offers swims in warm waters outside and massages and other procedures inside the hotel. Saunas swim and relaxing setup will definitely make this hotel worth booking.

The prices are quite high and start from approximately 1320 EUR for a smaller and cozier suite. The hotel offers a great restaurant with Iceland’s most loved cuisines to enjoy after a day of relaxing in the spa. The Moss Restaurant has menus that will allow enjoying the sea treasures and other delights.

The hotel is located in a location that also is enjoyed by hikers and offers even helicopter tours, as well as whale watching and volcano cave exploring. This definitely is one of the widest range of emotion-filled locations in one spot – from relaxation to excitement The Retreat Hotel at Blue Lagoon will definitely be worth the visit.

360 Boutique Hotel

This countryside hotel is featuring 13 rooms and suites in it with a 360 view of the beautiful nature around it. 360 Boutique Hotel & Spa is located in South Iceland and is a perfect location for nature lovers. The hotel offers a restaurant and geothermal water spa which will definitely help to relax the body and the mind. The rooms are much cheaper than in the Blue Lagoon hotel and start from approximately 280 EUR which is quite cheap for the experiences that it offers.

Other activities to enjoy in this hotel are watching birds, hiking, seeing crystal ice caves, snowmobiling, skiing, going fishing, having a helicopter tour, and doing many other breathtaking activities that will make additional memories of your trip to Iceland. Overall this is a perfect accommodation to enjoy the beautiful country and what it has to offer.

Northern Light Inn

The name of this hotel is one that will make it clear what type of experience is possible at this hotel. Northern Light Inn is a family hotel that is located only 20 minutes from the International Airport. The hotel is more booked in the period in which the northern lights actually appear and that is from the middle of August to the middle of April.

The hotel offers shuttles to the near located Blue Lagoon which makes it cheaper than staying in the Blue Lagoon Retreat hotel. This hotel is more family-friendly as the rooms are cozy and warm. The night’s stays can start from only 185 EUR with some sales going on everyone in a while and the prices are really affordable in comparison to other hotels offering almost the same things. This is more of an affordable version of a stay in magical Iceland.

Black Pearl in Reykjavik

This is for the city people that enjoy the finer things in life. The hotel is located in Reykjavik which is the capital of Iceland and the hotel is a very high-quality accommodation for business trips as well as getaways for families and couples. The hotel on its own is an architectural masterpiece as the building is dark wood and very modern. Room prices can start from 141 EUR and go up depending on the size and the extra features in the hotel.

The best part is the hotel is located in the city, therefore, allowing the travelers to enjoy all of the city landmarks, architecture, and restaurants. As modern tourism is usually happening in the capitals of the country to walk around the city and soak up the history of the buildings, visit the museums, and enjoy the quality cuisine, Reykjavik offers all of the above. This hotel is more suited for people who do not want the gate away from the city as all of the mentioned hotels are located outside the city buzz.

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