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Hong Kong: education possibilities

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It undoubtedly creates an excellent working environment. But not only. Hong Kong is also world-renowned for its educational institutions. 

A huge number of international students have already fully experienced the benefits of studying in Hong Kong. Over the past 10 years, the number of students from the United States and Europe has grown by more than 125 percent. Therefore, if you are interested in studying abroad, try to look at this problem outside the box. Education in Hong Kong will open up great prospects for you and allow you to get advanced knowledge at an affordable price!

Yes, the tuition fees at HK universities are low. But if we also take into account accommodation in Hong Kong and food, the amount turns out to be quite impressive.

Fortunately for international students, there are quite a few ways to save money while studying in Hong Kong. Of course, we are talking about grants and scholarships, with the main of which we will introduce you in this article.

Numerous scholarships and grants help cover living and educational costs. Thanks to them, in some cases, you can get training in Hong Kong for free.

HK Universities Scholarships

Most scholarships and grants to study in Hong Kong are issued directly by universities and, almost always, based on academic performance. At some universities, such as the City University of Hong Kong (CityU), students who are enrolled in their first year of undergraduate studies automatically become scholarship applicants.

Thus, the local government seeks to attract the most successful students to study at Hong Kong universities. But this technique is not observed in all universities, so it is better to find out information about current financial assistance in advance.

Hong Kong University (HKU) Scholarship

This scholarship from HKU – the University of Hong Kong Scholarship – is awarded annually to undergraduate students. The main selection criterion is good academic performance.

You can apply for a scholarship immediately after enrolling in the university. Since the University of Hong Kong accepts online applications, you will need to register on the university’s website, fill out an application for admission, and then an application for a scholarship.

The amount of this scholarship may vary, but in general, it should help pay for the student not only education in HK but also accommodation. A student who has received the University of Hong Kong Scholarship can apply to receive it again for further years of study at the university.

Lingnan University Scholarship

The Lingnan University Scholarship is offered to students planning to start their undergraduate studies in the Faculty of Business, Arts, or Social Sciences. The main criterion is academic performance and social activity (participation in public organizations, charitable projects, events, and discussions).

In addition to the high school diploma, you must provide the results of the SAT test with a minimum score of 1650 points, a bachelor’s degree, or a diploma of completion of the post-school curriculum. You must also have a TOEFL certificate with a minimum score of 550 for the PBT version and 79 for the IBT version. Instead of a TOEFL certificate, an IELTS certificate with an overall score of 6.0 can be provided.

The amount of Lingnan University Scholarship may vary, covering all or part of the student’s expenses for education in HK. You can apply for a scholarship at Lingnan University annually, subject to high academic performance.

Scholarship at City University of HK (CityU)

Hong Kong City University pays out a scholarship to international students – HK Jockey Club Scholarship Scheme for Non-local Mainland Students – subject to excellent academic performance and community involvement. Also, victories in various competitions are welcomed.

Scholarship applications are submitted in conjunction with applications for admission. The number of scholarships can be different: to fully cover the costs of tuition, room, and board, or partially.

HK Ph.D. Grants for International Students

The Hong Kong Ph.D. Grant – Hong Kong Ph.D. Fellowship Scheme – issued by the HK Research Grants Council (RCG), is intended for international doctoral students at one of the eight Hong Kong universities that participate in the program: the University of Hong Kong, the HK University of Science and Technology, the Polytechnic University of HK, HK Institute of Education, Lingnan University, HK Baptist University, China University of HK, and HK City University.

To receive a grant, a student must have good academic performance, leadership qualities, research potential, and communication skills. First, you need to fill out an online application on the RCG website and get an identification number, then contact the university directly and provide an application and this number. The deadline for filing is the beginning of December each year.

The amount of the grant is HK $ 240,000 (approximately US $ 30,000). Also, the student may be provided with an amount of 10 thousand Hong Kong dollars (approximately US $ 1,300) per year for additional expenses: travel arrangements or any other activities related to research activities.

The grant is for 3 years. If the doctoral studies last more than 3 years, the student may ask for additional financial assistance.

Government external sources of scholarships

A lot of private organizations from around the world work closely with HK universities and offer their schemes for financing the education of students of certain nationalities who are studying in Hong Kong.

For example, New Zealand Consulate-General Hong Kong provides scholarships to New Zealand students who study at specific HK universities.

Many organizations in Hong Kong provide scholarships for international students. Typically, such scholarships are available to students studying in the field in which the sponsoring organization operates.

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