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Grenada: immigration guide

Flag of Grenada

This southern Caribbean Island, dubbed the Spice Isle of the Caribbean, is both incredibly gorgeous and serene. It’s no surprise that the small island has become a popular retirement and ex-pat destination. But how do you go about making the change?

This guide will walk you through all you need to know about Grenada, from why you should come to the island to how to get around and where to reside.



Grenada, which consists of the main island as well as the outlying islands of Carriacou and Petite Martinique, is unquestionably one of the most attractive places in the Caribbean.

The stunning scenery includes beautiful mountains blanketed in lush flora, 15 gushing waterfalls, and flowing rivers that lead to 40 virgin sand beaches. Sailing boats bob in the surrounding seas, illuminating the path to the nearby dive locations.

The country has a lot to offer in addition to its natural splendor. This is a safe and secure island that is also charming and original. The pace of life on the island is slow and easy. Above all, the people are warm and friendly.

Grenada is a beautiful place to live when all of these characteristics are considered.

Visas & Residency

Citizens of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Commonwealth and CARICOM member countries can visit the country for up to three months without a visa. For individuals who plan to spend their vacations (and not work) on the island, entering the country as a tourist should be adequate.

If you want to stay longer, you must request a visa extension with the Grenada Immigration Department.


Permanent Residency

Individuals who have legitimately resided in Grenada for the past two years are eligible to apply for permanent residency.



Another option is to apply for citizenship in Grenada. Citizenship via naturalization is available to anyone who has lived in Grenada for seven years (including two years as a permanent resident). Citizenship by Investment, the country’s fast track program, is also available to financially self-sufficient persons.

This program allows qualifying investors to earn full Grenada citizenship in exchange for a significant financial commitment to the country’s finances, which can be made to a government fund or through an investment in authorized Grenada real estate.

Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Program, which began in 2013, has resulted in a massive increase in the number of foreigners flocking to the island.

Where are the best places to buy a property?

Grenada is a lovely spot to visit, and there are wonderful areas to live throughout the island. The south of the island has always been the most popular location for foreign investors looking to acquire property there.

The southern shore from Lance aux Epines to Petit Calivigny, Fort Jeudy, and Westerhall, as well as the southwestern point of the island, encompassing locations such as Grand Anse, Morne Rouge, and True Blue, are particularly popular.

These neighborhoods offer waterfront and beachfront real estate, as well as closeness to beaches like Grand Anse, the capital of St George’s, and Maurice Bishop International Airport.

Bathway and Levera in the northeast of Grenada, as well as the gorgeous smaller sister island of Carriacou in the idyllic Grenada Grenadines, are ideal places to get away from it all in a haven of tranquillity.

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