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Work permit in Mexico

Mexico, which is officially known as the United Mexican States, is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. People travel from all over to visit its sunny strands or its ancient historical remains.

Also, social metropolises and natural beauty make it so much more than just a place to go to when you want a memorable place to visit or work.


Types of Work Visas

Any outsider who wants to work in the country must acquire a visa. For illustration, those working for Mexican companies need a residency visa with authorization to work. Individuals working for a foreign company in Mexico for less than six months can rather get a visitor's visa with authorization to work.

Mexico has three different visas:

  1. Tourist visa: A person with a tourist visa can stay in Mexico for a maximum of 180 days for anything besides economic conditioning similar to paid employment. 
  2. Temporary resident visa: This visa is for foreign citizens who want to live in Mexico for further than 180 days. In addition to the Mexico work permit, people with a temporary resident visa can live and work in the country for a maximum of 4 years with a Mexico work visa. 
  3. Endless resident visa: Non-natives looking to live and work in Mexico permanently need an endless resident visa. People with close family ties in the country or those who have lived in Mexico for a long time can also apply for an endless resident visa.


Conditions to obtain work Visas

Most workers will need an endless resident visa known as the Visa de Residencia Permanente. Still, not all workers will meet the conditions, as they need to have family connections in the country, sufficient yearly income, or 4 years of regular status as temporary residents. It may be wise for companies to apply for a temporary residency permit for workers who have been invited to Mexico to work or have real estate or close family ties in the country.

While some of the conditions differ between the two options, some common documents needed include the following:

  • Visa operation form,
  • Valid passport,
  • Copy of migrant document,
  • Photo of an ID,
  • Evidence of finances, education, employment, and relationship with a Mexican citizen.


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How to apply for an employment visa

Foreign citizens looking to work in Mexico for further than six months need a temporary residency visa with verification to work. This setup requires the employer to apply at the Mexican Institute of immigration. However, the worker must apply for the applicable visa at the Mexican consulate in the aspirant’s occupant company, If approved. Once the worker receives word that the visa operation is accepted, he/she must visit the consulate to get the necessary visa within 15 days.

The duration that takes to process a Mexican visa depends on the specific delegacy to which you're applying. Some only take about two days to process your visa while others may take up to four weeks.

You must check the website of the Mexico delegation where you'll apply or communicate with them to learn about how long it'll take to process your visa. That’s because not all delegates work at the same pace, and while one might process your visa within 2 working days, another might take 10 working days. That’s why some delegacies recommend you record your appointment at least four weeks before your trip.

This entire procedure gives workers a temporary resident visa, along with authorization to work, that’s valid for 180 days. After arriving in Mexico, the worker has 30 days to register with their original immigration office and get a temporary resident card, which is valid for a maximum period of four years. After the card expires, the existent has to either acquire an endless resident visa or move from Mexico.


Who can apply for an employment visa in Mexico

Any outsider who wants to work in the country must obtain a visa. For illustration, those working for Mexican companies need a residency visa with authorization to work. Individuals working for a foreign company in the country for less than six months can rather get a travelers visa with authorization to work.


Other Important Considerations

While it’s possible to convert a temporary residency visa into an endless residency visa, non-natives with visitor status cannot convert it to work status. Individuals who have a company they want to work for in Mexico can apply for a work permit and stay in the country until they get the permit at the consulate of their home country. They must leave Mexico to collect the permit, and they can also apply for a residency visa.

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