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  • Types of Visa in U.S.

    Types of Visa in U.S.

    Types of the U.S. visa. Any foreign citizen wishing to enter the United States (US) must acquire a visa. US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) offer a wide range of visa types. Each type has different requirements, eligibility conditions, and quotas.

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  • Nepal: all about Visa

    Nepal: all about Visa

    Nepal visa acquisition. Nepal is a small country in South Asia that located mostly in the Himalayas. It is a land of several famous natural wonders. Every year thousands of tourists come to Nepal to explore its unique culture.

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  • What type of visa do you need to travel to Australia

    What type of visa do you need to travel to Australia

    Types of Australian visa. To be able to visit Australia as a foreign national, you might need to acquire a visa. It authorizes a person to enter the country either to study, work or travel. Australia has several visa types for every occasion.

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  • Applying for a Latvian visa

    Applying for a Latvian visa

    Latvian visa application procedure. Latvia is in the European Union (EU). Since it is included in the Schengen Area, traveling to Latvia has the same requirements as the rest of Europe. Citizens of the EU are not required to get visa to visit Latvia.

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  • Estonian visa for digital nomads

    Estonian visa for digital nomads

    Digital nomad visa in Estonia. Estonia has one of the most advanced digital infrastructures in the world. It’s E-Residency visa makes Estonia a haven for digital nomads. It is also a great place to reside if you are a tech-savvy migrant or tourist.

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  • Different visas in Bahrain

    Different visas in Bahrain

    Types of visas in Bahrain. Bahrain is an island nation that can be a great choice if you wish to experience Islamic culture. The local cuisine is unique, and the architecture is mostly traditional. At the same time, Bahrain is very modern.

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  • The process of getting a Russian visa

    The process of getting a Russian visa

    Russian visa acquisition procedure. Russian Federation has the largest territory of any country in the world. With the many opportunities for locals, visitors, and ex-pats, immigration to Russia has been gradually increasing over the last few years.

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  • Golden Visa Portugal: Full guide

    Golden Visa Portugal: Full guide

    Portuguese Golden Business Visa. Portugal, a beautiful country in Southwestern Europe is located next to the Atlantic Ocean. It is a democratic republic with the capital city Lisbon and it offers many perks and benefits to those living in the country.

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  • Visa for Belgium

    Visa for Belgium

    Visa acquisition in Belgium. Belgium is officially known as the Kingdom of Belgium. In 1995, Belgium became part of the European border-free area. Thus, the Belgian short-stay visa allows you to travel to the rest of the Schengen member states.

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  • Russian visa types

    Russian visa types

    What are the different Russian visas. Russia has the largest natural resource reserves around the globe. Due to that Russia has a great economical power. Furthermore, it is constantly developing throughout many areas including the immigration industry.

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