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Education in Lithuania - expat guide 


The Baltic countries combine high-quality training of specialists and reasonable cost of training. If you would like to enter a foreign university and get a diploma, pay attention to education in Lithuania.

The country is a member of the EU and is fully integrated into the European educational process.


Lithuania is among the top five countries with the highest number of educated people. Universities offer a wide range of disciplines taught in English. Studying in Lithuania for foreigners has many advantages. After completing their studies at the university, students receive European diplomas. This opens up wide opportunities for finding an interesting and in-demand job in the future, as well as building a successful career.


Lithuanian education system

Education in this state, as in any other European country, is divided into three main stages:


You can get a certificate of secondary education after passing exams, which include tests in two main disciplines: mathematics and the Lithuanian language, as well as one selective.


School education is free not only for local residents, but also for foreigners. You will have to pay only for accommodation.


Duration of training:

The cost of studying in Lithuania for foreigners is the same as for local residents and on average ranges from 1.5 to 5 thousand Euros per year of study. Despite the fact that the cost of studying is relatively low, the prices for living here are quite high. For a year of living in a hostel, you only have to pay from 500 to 900 Euros.


Benefits of studying at Lithuanian universities

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Studying in Lithuania for foreigners is not only an opportunity to get an international diploma, but also:


Entry requirements



Cost of education in popular universities


If you want to know approximately how much it costs to study in Lithuania, you can use the list below.


The cost of education in Lithuania for foreigners at:

You can find out exactly how much modern education costs in Lithuania on the official websites of Lithuanian universities.