Belize: golden years

Published: Friday, 29 July 2022
Flag of Belize

Retire in Belize: the Golden years 

Countries like Belize, a small nation in Central America, offer retirees a chance to live their dreams comfortably at an affordable cost. Millions of retirees look forward to spending the rest of their lives, relaxing in comfort and away from the stress of working.

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Norway: cost of relocation

Published: Tuesday, 26 July 2022
Flag of Norway

Price of immigration to Norway

You must pay an extra service amount if you hand in your operation at a Visa Application Centre which receives the operation on behalf of the embassy. This is in addition to the normal operation figure.

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Singapore: requirements for the visa

Published: Friday, 29 July 2022
Flag of Singapore

Traveling to Singapore: visa requirements

Singapore is a tiny island country in Southeast Asia that secured independence in 1965 to become a sovereign state. The country is composed of a single mainland and 63 islands and islets.

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Israel: work permit quick guide

Published: Monday, 25 July 2022
Flag of Israel

Work permit in Israel

It is possible to obtain an Israeli work visa under a variety of different categories. The majority of Israel's work visas are issued for occupations in which there is a genuine need for foreign labor. Israel offers roughly 50,000 work visas annually for caregivers, for instance.

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Kazakhstan: universities for ex-pats

Published: Thursday, 28 July 2022
Flag of Kazakhstan

Best Universities to Apply for in Kazakhstan for Expats

Kazakhstan is still a relatively unknown option for foreign students, but it is quickly developing a strong standing for higher education. The country is a Central Asian superpower and one of the region's richer nations.

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Serbia: cheapest universities

Published: Sunday, 24 July 2022
Flag of Serbia

Top 5 Cheapest Universities in Serbia for International Students 

The Republic of Serbia is a European country located on the Balkan Peninsula, connecting East and West for centuries.

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Vanuatu: passport obtaining options

Published: Wednesday, 27 July 2022
Flag of Vanuatu

Options of becoming a Citizen of Vanuatu

Vanuatu is the country you've probably never heard of yet need in your life. Stunning scenery, pristine oceans, WWII wreckage, a rich history and culture, friendly island people, an active volcano, fresh seafood, award-winning chocolate, the world's only underwater post office, and Kava are just a few of the attractions.

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Hawaii: travel and Covid rules

Published: Saturday, 23 July 2022
Sunset, Hawaii

Travel to Hawaii and Covid restrictions

The Hawaiian Islands are the center of everything that we are used to associating with a paradise vacation. The archipelago belongs to the United States.

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Barbados: immigration guide

Published: Tuesday, 26 July 2022
Flag of Barbados

Moving to Barbados - Full Relocation Guide 

Relocating to Barbados is a dream come true for many people. Who wouldn't want to wake up to sunshine every day? Feel the sun on your face and inhale the fresh sea breeze?

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Germany: about national visa

Published: Friday, 22 July 2022
Flag of Germany

National Visa to Germany

Germany is one of the most developed countries in the world. It offers its residents a high quality of life, decent wages, quality medicine, and education. Therefore, a huge number of migrants come here every year.

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