Bahamas: Relocation guide

Published: Tuesday, 24 May 2022
Flag of Bahamas

Immigration to the Bahamas

The Bahamas, with its 700 islands, attracts millions of visitors each year who come to enjoy the gorgeous beaches, duty-free shopping, fishing and scuba diving excursions, and luxurious lodgings.

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Indonesia: relocation guide

Published: Friday, 20 May 2022
Flag of Indonesia

Immigration to Indonesia

People move to foreign countries for various purposes; to study, do business, go on adventures, for health issues, and a prominent one being employment. For ex-pats looking for work abroad, this is an attractive place to explore, but it is not as simple as it appears.

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Singapore: retirement guide

Published: Tuesday, 24 May 2022
Flag of Singapore

How to retire in Singapore

Consisting of several islands clustered together, Singapore is a small country in the Malay Peninsula, with a large population of nearly 6 million people living in Singapore City. The country is home to several tourist attractions.

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Canada: landmarks in Toronto

Published: Friday, 20 May 2022
Flag of Canada, Toronto

Tourist Attractions in Toronto

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the capital of the province of Ontario. A lot of interesting things await the guests of this city. Toronto's tourist attractions include everything from museums and galleries to the world-famous CN Tower off the Toronto Islands.

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Sri Lanka: how to get a passport

Published: Monday, 23 May 2022
Flag of Sri Lanka

Citizenship of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a land of beautiful beaches, surging seas, misty mountains, mighty elephants, cunning leopards, gigantic whales, a magnificent past, excellent tea, and gentle smiles.

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China: best universities for immigrants

Published: Thursday, 19 May 2022
Flag of China

Chinese universities as an ex-pat

Planning to study abroad in China is easier than you may suppose. The Asian country has become more and more popular over the previous years due to its great educational institutions, technology degrees, and over 30 top-ranked higher educational institutions.

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Costa Rica: relocation guide

Published: Sunday, 22 May 2022
Flag of Costa Rica

Immigration to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the few countries on the planet that does not have an army. The literal meaning of Costa Rica is "Rich Island". Located in Central America, the country's capital is San Jose.

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Australia: about the retirement

Published: Wednesday, 18 May 2022
Flag of Australia

Australia - the golden years

If you are looking to retire in Australia, then get ready for a life of enjoyment, abundant resources, beautiful seas, and a high standard of living. Apart from the abundance of social amenities in the country, Australia has of the nicest climates in the world.

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Kyrgyzstan: work visa guide

Published: Saturday, 21 May 2022
Work permit - Kyrgyzstan

Getting a work permit in Kyrgyzstan

The country is a hilly landlocked country in Central Asia. It's adjacent to Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the west, Tajikistan to the south, and China to the east. It's the capital and the largest municipality in Bishkek.

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Taiwan: options to obtain passport

Published: Tuesday, 17 May 2022
Flag of Taiwan

Taiwan - options to become a citizen 

Taiwan is a small island off China's southeast coast, bordered to the northeast by Japan and the south by the Philippines. It's around 245 miles (395 kilometers) long and 90 miles (145 kilometers) wide.

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