South Korea: finding the job

Published: Saturday, 04 September 2021
Find the job - South Korea

Find a job in South Korea

South Korea is one of the world leaders in the field of information technology, the production of cars, mobile phones, and other high-tech products. Work in South Korea for foreigners is mostly available for qualified technicians specialists.

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Relocation to Dominican Republic

Published: Tuesday, 31 August 2021
Flag of Dominican Republic

Immigrate to the Dominican Republic

Immigration is not an easy process, just a desire to move to live in the Dominican Republic is not enough. To become a resident of the Dominican Republic, you need to have good reasons.

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Highest wages by countries

Published: Friday, 03 September 2021

Top 10 countries with highest wages

The average salary in a country is a direct indicator of the financial well-being of citizens. With high wages, people can afford to spend more money and create more savings.

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Israel: relocation of business

Published: Tuesday, 31 August 2021
Flag of Israel

Business immigration to Israel

Israel has a strong economy with a high level of development of modern technology and the medical industry. Competent government policy in the fiscal area and the stability of the banking sector allow the country to maintain a favorable investment climate over the past decades.

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Mexico: travel in COVID-19 time

Published: Friday, 03 September 2021
Airplane - Mexico

Travel to Mexico during COVID 19

There are picturesque beaches on the coast of the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean, a wonderful climate, delicious food, many attractions, and affordable prices. Given the current travel restrictions, it is gratifying that Mexico's borders remain open to visa-free travel and that a coronavirus test certificate is not required.

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Poland: accommodation guide

Published: Monday, 30 August 2021
Accommodation - Poland

Finding accommodation in Poland

One of the best things about Poland is the fact that the cost of accommodation in the country is super affordable compared to those in France, Spain, Germany, and the UK.

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Portugal: Visa D7

Published: Thursday, 02 September 2021
Flag of Portugal

Visa D7 - the easiest way to immigrate to Portugal

Portugal is one of the most popular destinations for immigrants due to its favorable living conditions, temperate climate, affordable prices for goods and services, as well as its location in the EU and the Schengen area.

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Egypt: apply for visa in 2021

Published: Sunday, 29 August 2021
View on Egypt

Visa to Egypt in 2021

As in many countries, Egypt has a ubiquitous mask regime. All people need to wear masks in transport, shops and other public places. Egypt provides for a fine for non-compliance with this rule. Nevertheless, few people observe it. It is not to say that this is strictly controlling.

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Sweden: best cities for relocation

Published: Wednesday, 01 September 2021
Flag of Sweden

Best cities in Sweden to immigrate

Sweden is one of the most economically stable, socially-oriented, and democratically developed countries in Europe. A great place to work, study and do business. A beautiful country with good ecology, high-quality infrastructure, and low crime rates.

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Citizenship interview in Germany

Published: Saturday, 28 August 2021
Flag of Germany

Germany: prepare for the citizenship test and interview

It is not so easy to obtain the status of a German citizen. The acquisition of German citizenship requires the fulfillment of several specific conditions, which are determined by the STAG law.¬†First of all, you need to apply for the Einb√ľrgerungsamt - Office of Citizenship.

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