Top landmarks in China.

Published: Thursday, 10 October 2019
Chinese flag

Ten places to visit in China

There are many reasons why China today represents an image of a place which is definitely worth visiting at least one in a lifetime. Various cities in China have beautiful sceneries, nature and rich cultural heritage.

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Things to see in Hong Kong

Published: Saturday, 28 September 2019
Hong Kong market street.

Places to visit in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city renowned for its skyline, luxury activities, multicultural environment, and many other things. It belongs to China that is rich in culture and history: it has much to offer in terms of landmarks.

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Demographics of USA

Published: Monday, 07 October 2019
USA population map.

Demographic of the USA overview

United States of America is one of the top three countries in the world with biggest populations. Population in year 2019 is 329 125 032 people. Most populated areas of the country are states of California and Texas.

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Citizenship for Investment Programs (CIP)

Yacht on a sunset.

Countries offering citizenship for investment

Today, there are plenty of countries offering Citizenship for Investment Programs (known as CIP) including programs with offers especially profitable for foreigners willing to settle and live in foreign countries.

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Demographics of Great Britain

Published: Saturday, 05 October 2019
Demogrpahic diagram crowd.

Demographic of the Great Britain overview

Great Britain refers to the islands of England, Wales and Scotland. The population in this territory is 67 543 679 people as per census of 2019. The Great Britain is one of the most populated islands in the world.

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Living in Denmark

Published: Monday, 23 September 2019
Flag of Denmark.

Life in Denmark

Today, Denmark has several major cities with bustling everyday life, such cities are Copenhagen (the capital), Odense, Arhus and Aalborg. Every expat will be able to communicate with Danes living there in English.

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Discover Malta

Published: Thursday, 03 October 2019
Seaside beach.

Explore Malta

Pristine waters, stunning beaches, outstanding architecture and delicious seafood are guaranteed to fill up your days on the island of Malta. During trip to Malta, excitement and admiration are what you will find.

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Benefits of Cypriot passport

Signing immigration documents.

Advantages of holding a Cypriot passport

When it comes to passports and the benefits to hold a specific passport, people usually are interested in how to get the best deal and additional perks. Passport of each country has its own strong and weak sides.

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Life of expat in France

Published: Monday, 30 September 2019
Paris street cafe.

Life in France overview

There are many reasons why France is appealing country for foreigners and expats. As a tourist, France is a unique location to travel to: Paris, Eiffel tower, bakeries that are found at every corner as well as wine.

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U.S. Green Card acquisition

Published: Wednesday, 18 September 2019
Statue of Liberty.

How to acquire U.S. Green Card

A Green Card holder is allowed to reside and work in the United States on a permanent basis. As proof of this permission, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services grant a resident card. This card is called Green Card.

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A pile of passports with visa stamps.

Businessman standing in the airport, waiting for hif flight.

Backpacker looking at a sunrise from the mountain.

Sunny beach on a tropical island.