Interesting destinations in Africa

Published: Thursday, 28 November 2019
Aerial view of Capetown, South Africa.

Travel to Africa overview

Africa is second in the world in terms of the population as the amount of people in Africa is approximately 1,315,548,161. The continent is filled with wildlife and plants which are one of the biggest treasures.

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Schengen visa

Published: Saturday, 16 November 2019
Flag of European Union.

Types of Schengen visa

Obtaining Schengen visa will generally allow moving freely across Schengen Area member countries as well as the EFTA Schengen member countries. Certain visa types allow you to move only through particular countries.

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Spanish residence by investment program

Golden visa document.

Spanish Golden Visa program overview

Spanish Golden Visa program is a way to gain Spanish residence permit by investing to the country. Investments can be carried out in various ways, like investing in any local business that gives jobs to citizens.

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New Zealand visa acquisition

Auckland aerial view.

New Zealand visa acquisition procedure

A range of New Zealand visas is available for people visiting New Zealand. Your nationality, duration of stay and traveling purpose will determine whether you need to apply for a visa before visiting New Zealand.

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Chinese visas

Published: Saturday, 23 November 2019
China airport border control.

Types of Chinese visa

A Chinese visa is a travel document that lets you enter, exit, or transit through China. There are several Chinese visas that you can apply for. China has 16 types of visas that fall under the ordinary category.

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Benefits of Russian passport

Published: Monday, 11 November 2019
Moscow Kremlin in winter.

Russian citizenship overview

Today Russia is one of the most powerful countries on a global and political arena, potentially making it's citizenship quite valuable and demanded. However, Russian passport offers many restrictions and limitations.

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Startup residence permit in Latvia

Business startup graffiti.

Latvian startup visa acquisition

Latvian startup visa was created by Latvian government with purpose of bringing more talented individuals to develop innovative ideas in Latvia. It is a temporary residence permit with varying acquisition conditions.

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Relocation to Canada

Published: Saturday, 09 November 2019
Canadian flag.

Immigration to Canada

Today anyone can plan immigration to Canada without feeling too busy while doing all the legal work, such as collecting all necessary legal documents and other papers: visas, certificates, letters, personal data etc.

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Places to visit in Philippines

Philippines jet ski.

Things to do on a vacation in Philippines

Philippines is a country that has a combination of vibrant nature, remarkable culture and relaxation possibilities. 7000 islands with numerous attractions and resorts, make it an excellent destination for vacation.

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Relocation to Germany

Published: Thursday, 07 November 2019
German passport in airport.

Immigrate to Germany

Immigrating to Germany has become quite popular. Germany has the most immigrants right after the United States. There are almost no restrictions on moving to Germany if you are a citizen of EU/EEA or Switzerland.

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A pile of passports with visa stamps.

Businessman standing in the airport, waiting for hif flight.

Backpacker looking at a sunrise from the mountain.

Sunny beach on a tropical island.