Landmarks of Cambodia

Published: Thursday, 09 January 2020
Angkor Wat temple

Most popular destinations in Cambodia

Cambodia is a great place to explore the beauty of ancient Southeast Asia. The architectural relics of the Khmer Empire, stunning landscapes, pristine beaches and strong culture of Cambodia will bright up your trip.

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Immigration in Lithuania

Published: Saturday, 28 December 2019
Flag of Lithuania

Insight into Lithuanian immigration

Many people apply for a residence in Lithuania on an annual basis. There are several main reasons for the immigration to Lithuania: employment, family reunification, business agreements, studies, science and research.

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How to apply for Japanese visa

Published: Monday, 06 January 2020
Flag of Japan

Japanese visa application procedure

There are different visa acquisition requirements for various types of visas in Japan. One must know what are the documents, before applying. The documents to submit are usually the same within one visa category.

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Top NY city hotels

Published: Thursday, 26 December 2019
Manhattan aerial view

Best hotels in New York

New York City is one of the most popular destinations in the USA. There are million reasons to visit New York: the huge skyscrapers and  old buildings win the hearts of all tourists that visit to spend their vacation.

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Places to see in Taiwan

Published: Saturday, 04 January 2020
Taipei city night skyline

Five landmarks in Taiwan you must visit

Taiwan is an island located East from China stretching 36 000 square kilometers across the Pacific Ocean. It is a popular tourism destination full of picturesque places and breathtaking landmarks of natural beauty.

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Why you must visit U.S.A.

Published: Monday, 23 December 2019
Liberty statue, NY

Ten reasons to visit the U.S.A.

The United States of America (USA) comprises of 50 different states. This territory includes five self-governing territories. It is the world's fourth largest country by area which is 9.8 million square kilometers big.

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Places to see in Poland

Published: Thursday, 02 January 2020
City square in the old city

Places to visit in Poland

Over the centuries Poland went through many cultural changes. While located in eastern Europe, it was invaded many times. However, all the historic events of this beautiful nation couldn’t destroy the Polish spirit.

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Human rights in France

Published: Saturday, 21 December 2019
Shelves in the library hallway

Civil and human rights in France overview

Human rights is a protection of any human living on earth without the separation or misinterpretation of race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, language, religion and other aspects or factors regarding a human being.

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Work in Australia

Published: Monday, 30 December 2019
Employees holding CVs

Tips for getting a job in Australia

Australia’s hot climate, exotic animals and wildlife as well as surfing and snorkeling opportunities make is one of the most desired destinations for job seekers outside their origin country or even continent borders.

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How to acquire Canadian visa

Published: Thursday, 19 December 2019
Canadian flag

Canadian visa acquisition

All foreign nationals wishing to enter Canada must obtain either a visitor visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). This depends on nationality: it is suggested to contact immigration agent before proceeding.

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A pile of passports with visa stamps.

Businessman standing in the airport, waiting for hif flight.

Backpacker looking at a sunrise from the mountain.

Sunny beach on a tropical island.