Ten reasons to relocate to Cyprus

Published: Saturday, 22 February 2020
Cyprus living

Why move to Cyprus?

Cyprus is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean. It lies to the southeast of Greece and to the south of Turkey. Cyprus is located between Europe, Asia and Africa. Therefore, it is interesting for exploring.

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How to acquire Israeli citizenship

Published: Monday, 10 February 2020
Israeli citizenship

Applying for Israeli citizenship

Obtaining citizenship in Israel can be challenging for everyone who is not Jewish or eligible to permanent residence under the Law of Return. Israel is native home to Jews, so any Jew can get Israeli citizenship.

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Things to see in Canada

Published: Thursday, 20 February 2020
Things to see in Canada

Most popular landmarks in Canada

Located on the northern side of North America, Canada is the second largest country by territory. Mostly covered by tundra, it has a cold climate. It is a highly developed country according to Human Development Index.

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Reasons to visit Azerbaijan

Published: Saturday, 08 February 2020
Azerbaijan Baku

Why travel to Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is a growing tourism destination but still remains unexplored even for the most experienced travelers. Nowadays the country is actively encouraging people to come and visit Azerbaijan - the “Land of Fire”.

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Russian visa types

Published: Monday, 17 February 2020
Russia red square

What are the different Russian visas?

Russia has the largest natural resource reserves around the globe. Due to that Russia has a great economical power. Furthermore, it is constantly developing throughout many areas including the immigration industry.

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Famous Singapore hotels

Published: Thursday, 06 February 2020
Hotels in Singapore

Best hotels in Singapore

With many beautiful first-class hotels opening up in Singapore each year, you have a choice like never before. Recently many exciting first class hotel projects were finished both by local and international brands.

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Residence permit in Latvia acquisition

Published: Saturday, 15 February 2020
Riga residence

How to obtain residence permit in Latvia

Latvia is an Eastern European country. With approximately 2 million inhabitants, it is a relatively small country. Latvia welcomes people from all over the world to work, live and enjoy various aspects of the country.

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How to get a Brazilian visa

Published: Monday, 03 February 2020
Brazilian flag

Brazilian visa acquisition procedure

As a foreigner, you must acquire a Brazilian visa to visit the country. Nationals of several countries won’t have to acquire a visa to visit the country. However, there are restrictions on visa free travel as well.

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Expat guide for working and living in Malaysia

Published: Thursday, 13 February 2020
Malaysia statue

Malaysia - guide for expats

According to the statistics data provided by Malaysia's Department of Immigration, the amount of working expats in Malaysia today is approximately one hundred thousand people and this number is growing each year.

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Living in Canada

Published: Saturday, 01 February 2020
Canadian flag

Canadian lifestyle

Canada is a vast country with varying climate, cultural traditions, and ethnicities. There are several religions as around 20% of people find themselves being religious. Most Canadians are friendly and down to earth.

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